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(DJ)Tina Ryan to represent our country for MTV It's My Life!!

Yep guys! Tina Ryan, girl.gif magic 89.9 dj, will represent our country for MTV It's My Life what can you say about that? :)


  • wow! thats cool!
    Tina Ryan will be famous in Asia!!! n sa wakas may magrerepresent na ng country natin!!!
    yipeee! bop.gif
  • MargaritaMargarita hibernating PExer
    When are they going to air the new season of It's My Life?
  • Mister DeanMister Dean PExer
    Tina Ryan?!

    I think she's a fabulous personality (and an acquaintance of mine), but isn't "It's My Life" also supposed to detail the life of some undiscovered type of person? I could be wrong (probably am, since I don't watch MTV that rabidly anymore).

    I wish her the best.

  • LightspeedLightspeed Mr. Optimist PExer
    Hurray for Tina Ryan!!!!

    My favorite "Nighttime Drivetime" companion.
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    talaga?? uy ok yan! inis na inis pa naman ako kasi dati walang filipina doon sa its my life! naalala ko tuloy si wayne... lol.gif

  • yehey! for the first time may mag rerepresent na sa country natin! dapat ako yun eh!! hehhe jk! anyways, Good LucK n God BLess to her!!!!
  • aisleaisle Member PExer
    i think MTV its my life 2000 will start on October 17 930 pm --> d sure sa date ah! =D
  • Steven20Steven20 Member PExer
    Finally! May pinay na sa It's My Life! Di ko masyadong nagustuhan yung first season ng IML... i guess ngayon na may pinay na, i'll watch it more. :)
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    hmmm IMHO, corny nung it's my's bootleg real world. I have to agree with Mister Dean, isn't it supposed to be 'unknowns'? I don't think MTV asia is putting a lot of thought process with their programming. It's too bubblegum.
  • Piglet_21Piglet_21 Member PExer
    nice to know we have Tina Ryan to represent for our country oh deevhaaaa!!!!! we should be proud of that di ba.

    Ride ON!!!!!!! :D:D

    Go Go TINA!!!!! :):):)
  • aisleaisle Member PExer
    MTV-Asia gave Tina Ryan a Nokia 3310 for winning that MTV It's My Life! :D
  • I like listening to Tina Ryan, but I never saw her face. How does she look like.
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    wow! goodluck sa kanya. :)



    cool gal for a cool show!
    i can't wait..

    only problem is...can she handle the way those camera crew following/watching her every move?

    oh, well... wishing her all tha best!
  • waffledishwaffledish Member PExer
    "represent"?... appearing in a cornball show is supposed to be some sort of "source of pride" now? but hey... that Tina Ryan chick is cute...


    "Today I'm washing my dog and will be going out with some friends."... wow! congratulations!

    "I'm doing what I want to do."... good fer ya!
  • AhdanAhdan Member PExer
    who is tina ryan, is she beautiful

    some djs really do well off the camera, i remember chinggay who speaks so good in MTV vj hunt final but gets so uncomfortable when the cameras start rolling :)

  • aisleaisle Member PExer
    sabi daw among the 3 girls of the magic jocks sya ang pinakamaganda. well, hintayin nalang natin yung MTV it's my life kung maganda ba talaga ba sya! =)
  • panutchapanutcha Member PExer
    it's my life? it's good that a pinay will be part of it kya lang i think the show is so pretentious...hindi na "it's my life" dahil parang scripted na yung pinag-gagawa nila...the only thing i liked at the 1st one is Wayne...:p

    pero all the same...congrats Tina....RIDE ON
  • planetaryplanetary Member PExer
    Originally posted by waffledish
    "represent"?... appearing in a cornball show is supposed to be some sort of "source of pride" now? but hey... that Tina Ryan chick is cute...

    Yeah, "represent" is the wrong idea. It's like the show was so important that we'd have to be there and that she stands for what all Filipinos are like. I guess it comes from wanting to be recognized as part of asia.

    But in any case, I'll be watching :)

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