Online / Distance Ed program for Master of Arts in Nursing

Hi all its me again.

I need your help.... Aside from UPOU and PWU what are the other schools with good reputation that offers Master of Arts in Nursing / Master of Science in Nursing thru Distance Education, Modular or Online program?

please help....


  • serial_killerserial_killer divine wind PExer
    I know Fatima will offer Master of Arts in Nursing thru Distance Learning this coming School Year....
  • hi..sino sa inyo ang nagmamasteral sa UP OPEN UNIVERSITY?
  • dikonaalamdikonaalam the prince of nursing PExer
    May suggestion ako,
    I'm not enrolled sa program na ito, pero mukhang okay.
    It's an Australian University. And all the courses can be done online. Pure coursework. Mejo magastos nga lang.

    University of Newcastle- Australia

    Naipost ko na din para may magcomment. Kasi isa to sa mga option ko. Yun nga lang I don't know kung magagamit ito sa ibang bansa bukod sa Australia. I mean kung acceptable kaya ito sa US, Canada, etc. Hindi man for nurse practitioner na setting, at least for advanced degrees position.
  • nurseharbeenurseharbee Member PExer
    enrolled na ako sa PWU-School of Distance Education for Master of Arts in Nursing heheh 2nd trimester ako start :-)
  • Sain Paul University Philippines they offer MSN program thru Distance Learning
  • jeannegurljeannegurl Member PExer
    Hi. I would just like to know if may graduates na ang St. Paul's online Master's degree? as well as sa PWU? and if nagtuturo sila ng nursing students? THANKS! :-)
  • bentobearbentobear Member ✭✭
    Bump for this one..
  • U may try Walden University, USA. I am on my way of obtaining DNP degree. An excellent online university were you will engage daily discussion with your classmate and professor. Worth paying for. Technology works in education. Goodluck.
  • Samantha745Samantha745 Member PExer
    Thanks a lot for all your answers. I want to highlight the fact that it is ok nowadays to study online. Much is done in the internet and you may even get the high education in it. By the way, if you face the trouble with your paper, you may also figured this problem online. I use Marvelous essay service and I am happy about their support
  • enrolled na ako sa PWU-School of Distance Education for Master of Arts in Nursing heheh 2nd trimester ako start :-)

    Hi... Do you know if kelan mag start ang 1st semester nila for Distance Education for Master of Arts in Nursing this AY 2018-2019?
  • Hi, needed po ba ang personal appearance during the enrollment, or pede submit online all the requirements and u can officially enroll.
  • I am referring to PWU...

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