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System Administrator Salary

How much is the current salary rate for system administrator here in the Philippines? is it ok to accept 20-25k offer with experience?


  • Up ko lang... wala po bang mga sysad dito paki-share naman yung mga preferred salary nyo.:confused: thx
  • oo nga naman, Up lang!
  • TheEndofDaysTheEndofDays PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Be specific, in example

    System Administrator for Windows
    System Administrator for UNIX
    System Administrator for Linux
    System Administrator for Applications like Websphere, etc.
    . . . .

    They have also different in rates
  • Range's as wide as your imagination, but I can assume typical starting is at 14-18k, while midrange is at 20-50k. The more specialized and senior ones can bag 80k up to six digits.
  • Well the position is system administrator for unix, linux, windows, and vmware. And the company is giving me an offer base from what I'm receiving right now which is 18k. Right now, I'm still thinking if I'm going to accept their offer.
  • TheEndofDaysTheEndofDays PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Multi-Platform? ano ang core skills?

    Usually the standard offer based from your current is 30%, unless the company will align you to their salary structure. Also they consider your years of experience, ilang years ka na ba?
  • 3 years na rin ako sa IT specializing on linux. Medyo sa windows server lang ako tagilid.
  • TheEndofDaysTheEndofDays PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    For 3 years; The 25k will be the borderline of industry standard
    No worry on Windows you can learn them as you function as System Administrator.
  • on my part it really depends on the systems you'll be handling at sa company.. sa mga applications ko.. di naman sa platforms lang ang basis ng sys-ad minsan all around talaga ang hanap nila.. pag malaki ang company 25k-up ang range pero sa mga mid-level some offer 18K-25K lang..
  • thank you guys for your opinions.
  • sa kin kasi 3 years po then nasa 45K , ok na kaya yun
  • bizcntr wrote: »
    sa kin kasi 3 years po then nasa 45K , ok na kaya yun

    45K hinihingi mo?

    3yrs na rin ako as SysAd. Yun nga lang sa Windows ebvironment ako nakafocus.
  • spectrum_bluespectrum_blue PEx Rookie ⭐
    my friend who is a unix admin is now in singapore, he earns 102,000. his previous work here he receives 30k.
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  • Ask ko lang din mga Sir, How about pag VMware and Citrix Administrator? magkano na ang range ng salary?
  • Depende pa rin yata sir sa years of exp yan. Pero kung may consultant position man ang sysad, pwede siguro na mas malaki ang offer nun. With little to no benefits nga lang.
  • justsaybuboyjustsaybuboy PEx Rookie ⭐

    • College Graduate • 3+ years work experience
    • HP Hardware Experience • VMWare and Virtualization
    • LINUX RedHat Experience

    Company Name: American Directories Operations and Computerized Systems

    PM me nalang po sa mga qualified or may tanong dyan.
    Thank you po. :)
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  • Wala bang thread for Systems Administrator/Engineer dito para makapag share tayo ng mga issues and opinion?

    My current position is Systems Engineer (Microsoft) and I'm earning 45K.
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