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GMA-7's FULL HOUSE: Starring Richard Gutierrez & Heart Evangelista


(Banner Artist: Hani/Heartworld)

[Part 1]

Format: Romantic comedy
Created by: Soo Yeon Won
Developed by: Denoy Navarro-Punio
Directed by: Mark A. Reyes

Full House is a Philippine drama adapted from a Korean drama with the Full House; directed by Mark A. Reyes and developed by Denoy Navarro-Punio. The series premiered on November 30, 2009[1] in the Philippines via GMA Network, starring Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista reprising the roles of Rain and Song Hye Kyo.


Jessie is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her brother, Donald and his wife, Lizette. Stranded in Prague, she managed to borrow money from famous actor Justin Lazatin to return to the Philippines. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Justin. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Justin for one year. In spite of losing all, Jessie manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other.


Main Cast:

Richard Gutierrez as Justin Lazatin
Heart Evangelista as Jessie Asuncion / Jessie Asuncion-Lazatin
Isabel Oli as Elaine Valerio
Patrick Garcia as Luigi Monderagon

Supporting Cast:

Rainier Castillo as Donald Asuncion
Sheena Halili as Lizette Asuncion
Keempee de Leon as Mr. H
Epi Quizon as Jerry
John Lapus as Chicky
Pilita Corrales as Anita Lazatin
Raquel Villavicencio as Liling Lazatin
Ronaldo Valdez as Lorenzo Lazatin
Marky Lopez as Marlon
Chariz Solomon as Maya

Extended Cast:

Paula Taylor as Shayne
Victor Aliwalas as Harold
Sandy Talag as Informal dweller
Philip Lazaro as Interior Designer
Ian de Leon as Police Officer

(Source: Wikipedia)


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  • joan_sammy14: we missed to see richard gutierrez and heart evangelista in subic...they were in camayan beach resort(ocean adventure) ysterday to shoot

    tipiti_piti: i soooper lyk full house,..=) uber fun..=)
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  • ent1.jpg

    Bickering couple weds

    Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista tie the knot this week, or at least their characters, in today’s number one romantic-comedy on primetime, "Full House."

    GMA-7’s "Full House" has been a constant top-rater in its timeslot based on the overnight ratings by AGB Nielsen. Viewers describe it as a breath of fresh air for its no-nonsense plot that revolves around the lives of two people who are forced to live under one roof and in so doing, find love in the most bizarre circumstances.

    Despite their imminent union, Justin (Richard Gutierrez) and Jessie (Heart Evangelista) still couldn’t help but bicker at each other so Jessie – for the nth time – packs her bags and leaves the house. She leaves the contract with Justin, as well as a letter explaining her reasons for running away.

    Ever the nosy couple, Donald (Rainier Castillo) and Lisette (Sheena Halili) meddles in Jessie’s affairs, igniting yet another series of catastrophically funny events. Long story short, Jessie finds herself locked up in a room about to get married to the man she hates, and who absolutely hates her back. Could things get any worse?

    Find out how the most un-romantic of weddings turn out this week in "Full House" after "Darna" on GMA.

    -12-22-09/malaya.com.ph -
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  • :heart:Welcome to Pinoy Full House Thread 2 (Fallin' in Love with RicHeart) :heart:

    Watch Full House Remake only at GMA-7!

    Richard Gutierrez as Justin

    The Action Superstar Actor


    Get to know the real Richard Gutierrez! Text Richard and send to 4627 (telco rates apply)
    Get to know the real Richard Gutierrez! Text Richard and send to 4627 (telco rates apply)

    Heart Evangelista as Jessie

    The Naive Yet Charming Writer


    Wanna get close to Heart? Text HEART and send to 4627 (telco rates apply)
    Wanna get close to Heart? Text HEART and send to 4627 (telco rates apply)
  • heart-evangelista.jpg

    Heart Evangelista - iGma Profile

    Heart Evangelista is one of those people you love to hate, but you just can’t because she’s so nice! Pretty, perky, and positively charming are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when you see her. And when she speaks, you have to add “witty,” “smart,” and “eloquent” to your growing list.

    Basic Info
    Name: Heart Evangelista
    Nickname: Heart
    Birthday: February 14, 1985
    Showbiz Anniversary: January 1, 1998


    Full Name: Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco

    Unforgettable moment:
    She'll never forget her trips to Disneyland with her family!

    Bet you didn't know:
    She had dozens of Barbie dolls as a kid!


    Heart's hit list:
    1. She likes painting.
    2. Shopping and listening to music are also on top of her list of must-do's!
    3. She has a lot of dogs at home, and she's also a spokesperson for PAWS.
    4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are her foreign actors she looks up to.
    5. Priceless, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Notebook, and 50 First Dates belong to her list of fave flicks!
    6. She likes listening to Sarah Brightman, Raf, and Laura Pausini.

    Star Trivia:
    Heart stands at 5 feet and two inches, but it's not obvious 'cos she's always in heels!

    Q & A

    What’s her advice to gals like her?
    “You have to follow your parents. They know what’s best talaga. You don’t know anything. Ako, akala ko I knew everything—I didn’t. Sila, back and forth na experiences nila. Ikaw, papunta pa lang, alam na nila, so makinig na lang kayo.”

    What is the perfect man?
    “I don’t know, does he exist? I think it’s just Jesus that’s perfect! But somebody that’s quite close to perfect would be someone that will love you unconditionally, someone that will accept who you are, someone that no matter what comes your way, he will just focus on you and you alone. And he just loves being loved by you. ‘Cos some people could be irritated when you love them and you’re giving them attention—yung challenge, nawawala.”

    Complete the sentence: I am the only person I know who _________ “Kisses my dogs? I see people do that nowadays, but still, for some people, it’s icky. But [my dogs] brush their teeth anyway, so that’s okay!”

    What makes a girl sexy?
    “What makes someone sexy or pretty is their aura. Kasi for me, kahit gaano ka kaganda, o gaano ka ka-sexy, kung sobrang dami mong problema, hindi ka mabuting tao, wala ring mangyayari. Siguro ang disposisyon ko ngayon sa buhay ay maganda! Para akong so refreshed and relieved! So I’m really, really happy, plus the fact that I’m back with my parents, and going back to your parents and being okay with your family is one of the best things that could happen to you. ‘Cos at the end of the day, you have people that will be there for you, na hindi ka tatalikuran. That’s important. You need people that will remind you of who you are and where you come from. So I think that’s why I’m shining! So Palmolive! Hahaha!”
  • richard-gutierrez.jpg

    Richard Gutierrez - iGma Profile

    Be it on the small or big screen, he melts hearts with his earnest eyes and loving looks. It doesn't matter who his leading lady is, Richard always makes us believe that he is in love!

    Basic Info
    Name: Richard Gutierrez
    Nickname: Chard, Ricardo
    Birthday: January 21
    Birth Place: California


    Claim to fame
    "When I joined Click. I thought it was only for the allowance but later I enjoyed working and loved acting."


    Richard's hit list:

    1. He's into basketball, boxing, and martial arts.
    2. He has a Siberian Husky named "Ziggy."
    3. His fave actors are Albert Martinez, Cesar Montano, FPJ, Johhny Depp, Edward Norton, Sean Penn, and Morgan Freeman.
    4. He liked the movies Gladiator and Land Before Time (a cartoon).
    5. He watches the TV series Heroes.

    Star Trivia:
    Richard describes himself as 'makulit'. His Fashion icon is Tom Cruise and he has a goal of coming back to school and to produce films/videos.

    Q & A
    On the spot:

    If you weren’t in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?
    "I would be studying Philosophy or film making."

    What is your biggest frustration/regret?
    "I don’t have any frustration or regret. I enjoyed most of the things I have done although it is not what I expected to come up."

    What are you most proud of?
    "Myself, my work and my discipline and professionalism."

    What do you want to achieve?
    "I want to direct a film or video, and of course to finish my studies."

    What is your advice to aspiring artists?
    "Believe in yourself. Don’t let anybody get you down. No need to please all people as long as there are some people who really feel happy for you."
  • Isabel Oli as Elaine

    The Fashionista Goddess


    Patrick Garcia as Luigi

    Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha (si totoy pandak)

  • fullhouse.jpg



    c/o HW
  • congrats new home na pala ang FH! :cheers:
  • kakatouched yung flashback scenes ng family ni jessie at yung scene ni justin kasama dad niya bago sya mag-artista . . .

    talagang nakasentro yung kwento sa family at sa house ( FH din :D)
  • weee...:dance::cheers:new house na tayo..congrats..!!!

    ganda ng full house kanina.kakatouch nga..and super kakakilig si jessie and justin..
  • congrats thread 2 na!!

    a good cast and a very interesting story!

    saan kapa?!!!

    Thank God for all the blessings that this show is receiving! :love:

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