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NBC's The Sing-Off



  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    ^ Me too. I hope the show's not in trouble. Ang bigat sa loob tingnan yung ratings in comparison with other shows. :( The show's not that popular pa talaga. Proof: Walang nag upload ng episode 2. :bop: :lol: I hope the promotions they're doing will help.

    I'd love to see a Sing-Off track chart on iTunes.
  • I think December was really a good release date for the show like the previous two seasons. I guess the brand new management of NBC wanted to risk the show.

    Someone will probably upload it later. It's available ON DEMAND.
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    May nag upload nga ng episode 2. :lol: It's a rip from the NBC site but okay naman ang quality. :D

    Anyway, yung Velvet, they're cutting the episodes in halves pala para 1 hour per week. I was able to catch a little bit of the replay airing earlier and it was still Season 1 Episode 1 but the latter half of it. So medyo matatagalan pa before they air the current season.
  • The .avi for S03E02 is now available! :)

    Another episode tonight. If this season is true to form, tonight's performances will be current hits! I hope so! That's always the most exciting episode.
  • US Broadcast Final Ratings: Monday, October 3, 2011


    via: © 2011 The Nielsen
  • randy ortonrandy orton PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kawawa naman sila sa ratings. Grabe kahit ***** ng show na to hirap hanapin, pero siguro naman tatapusin nila yung season kahit laging mababa ratings..
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Tatapusin nila yan, taped na yung episodes eh. Yung finale na lang ang kulang.

    Grabe naman kasi yung mga katapat nilang shows.
  • Dang! I didn't realize Rachel Lampa is part of The Collective!


    I love You Rachel! :love::love:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    I love North Shore's version of "The Lazy Song"! *okay* I am liking these Bruno Mars songs when they're performed by The Sing-Off groups. :lol:

    Bye, Sonos. The judges were right. I was really wanted to hear that part of I Want You Back. Tsk.

    Next week, guilty pleasure time! Woot! And all of the remaining groups are coming together! :bounce:
  • US Broadcast Final Ratings: Monday, October 10, 2011


    NBC's The Sing-Off was down on both 18-49 rating/share to a 1.5 (from 1.8) and total no of audience to a 4.35m (from 4.89m) and finishes 4th on its time period.
  • caitdawn wrote: »
    I love North Shore's version of "The Lazy Song"! *okay* I am liking these Bruno Mars songs when they're performed by The Sing-Off groups. :lol:

    Me too! Even Rocketeer [Bruno Mars is the songwriter] was a great cover. Rachel Lampa sang that on YouTube with Tyler Ward!

  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Just watched this week's episode. I really enjoyed the performances. :)

    I think my favorite group is Pentatonix. Their beatbox and bass are just insane. And I still love Delilah. Girl power pa rin!

    I still don't like Ruby's (The Collective) voice.

    I'm looking forward to Hip Hop Week. Should be interesting. :)
  • My favorite is now Pentatonix also! Their version of Love Lockdown is the best cover I have ever heard of that song be it acapella or with instruments. SIMPLY amazing!!!

    And finally Delilah came back! Way better than the original! :lol: Lil Wayne can't sing that's why!
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Favorite returning TV shows in trouble
    – The Sing Off: Once, this modest show shocked us by how well it performed during its short-run stints. But the singing competition really crapped the bed when promoted to Monday nights this fall, typically ranking as the night’s lowest-rated major broadcast network show. We suspect NBC will find a use for it elsewhere, but won’t make the mistake of giving it a two-hour block during a competitive part of the year again.

    :( :bop:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Holy. Mother. Of. God. I just watched Pentatonix's Love Lockdown. Goosebumps! :eek:

  • caitdawn wrote: »
    Holy. Mother. Of. God. I just watched Pentatonix's Love Lockdown. Goosebumps! :eek:


    Yes! Seriously! It is single-handedly one of the best performances ever by a GROUP or BAND! *okay*
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Delilah :(

    Pentatonix was awesome, as usual. They're gonna win.
  • I'd buy Pentatonix's album any day! :)
  • Pentatonix is also my fearless forecast to win this season and my favorite.Too sad that songs for this season are hard too find. Can somebody post any link for songs for this season? Thanks.
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Congrats PENTATONIX!!!

    I'll just leave this here:

    I still get goosebumps even though I've watched this MANY times. :handsdown:

    Looking forward to the Christmas/Reunion episode next week!
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