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NBC's The Sing-Off



  • When and what episodes was the Beelzebubs guests in Glee? Gotta see that episode!? :)
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    j5bata wrote: »
    Looks like Velvet got dibs on The SIng-Off. I doubt though if they're gonna air Season 3 immediately.

    Nice. Delayed airing would be okay for me, I'll download the episodes anyway. As long as the show's on my TV. *okay*
    Jonny wrote: »
    When and what episodes was the Beelzebubs guests in Glee? Gotta see that episode!? :)

    They were the Dalton Academy Warblers. I don't think any of the guys who were on The Sing Off were really on Glee though 'cause I would've recognized them (I guess they graduated from their university already), just the current members of the 'Bubs. Anyway, they were there since the second quarter of season 2, I think. I love their covers the most. :love:
  • ^^ Thanks. I guess, I'll do a Glee marathon of Season 2.

    I wonder if the judging criteria will change this season. With the expanded show, they may need more TV viewer involvement.
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Last time I heard, it's the same as the previous seasons. The judges eliminate the contestants but on the finale, it's all up to the viewers. It's hard to have viewer involvement throughout the season because they pre-tape their episodes as early as July so as not to take too much time out from school since most of the contestants are students. It's better that way I guess so they can pick the really good groups to put through to the finals.
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Watching the premiere now. :) Sara is such an upgrade to the judging panel.
  • yeah!!!!

    I love Committed from last year!
  • randy ortonrandy orton PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Velvet will be showing it on Wednesdays as per the promo on the Emmy telecast and I am hoping it will be a match airing since Sara is already part of the promos.

    Just saw Antoinette Taus on the premiere episode, just sharing, seeing her brought back memories of the 90's! :lol:
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    I didn't notice Antoinette when Kinfolk 9 was performing, live stream was crappy. I only saw the "ANTOINETTE TAUS" banner in the audience after the group was saved from elimination, then the close up on her face as Cat's Pajamas performed their swan song.

    When will Velvet start airing the show? This Wednesday?
  • haha.. si Antoinette Taus!!!

    pero iyong isang matangkad na babae sa Kinfolk 9 ang type ko! hehehe
  • randy ortonrandy orton PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Velvet isn't showing the new season!
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    I wasn't able to watch Velvet on Wednesday but my friend did and she said they aired the new season. Akala ko din yun ipapalabas nila kaninang 9pm but they showed the season 1 pilot instead.
  • randy ortonrandy orton PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ I tuned in to Velvet last Wed 730 PM and they showed season 1 too..
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    Really? Yikes.. I'm now confused. San kaya nanood yung friend ko? :lol:

    Oh well, konti lang naman ang episodes ng seasons 1 & 2 so aabot din tayo sa season 3 soon. :lol: May live stream naman at downloads. :)
  • I didn't agree with the 2nd elimination! Those boys from Branson should've stayed!
  • Hi everyone, I just started watching The Sing-Off.

    Didn't get to follow the last two seasons, but after seeing the premiere of Season 3, well what can I say, I'm a convert!

    I mean, this is easily the best reality singing competition on TV--way ahead of AI, XF, and so on--with The Voice closely trailing behind.

    And phew. Competition's pretty stiff, I can see. But I do hope my favorites from the first episode (Urban Method, Kinfolk 9 and Delilah) won't get the boot early on in the competition.

    Anyhoo, I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Cheers! :)
  • My Oh My... I just rewatched the premiere and I can't stop watching and listening to Delilah! That version of Grenade is so awesome!

    Amy is so beautiful and what a voice!!!
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    ^ Agreed. Delilah is my favorite group so far. Girl power! :rocker: And I really like Amy too even when she was still in Noteworthy in season 1. Girl can hit crazy notes! I remember her and Courtney the most from that group. Would've been cool if Courtney was in Delilah.

    Excited for episode 2 later! :bounce: I wonder if there would be a standout group from the second bracket. IMO, no group from the first bracket has stood out yet like NOTA and Committed.
  • caitdawncaitdawn Clay Court Specialist
    The Sonos are in the second bracket. Trivia: They performed Gravity with Sara last year.

  • I hated the lead singer of The Collective. blah! What accent was she trying to fake? geez!
  • I'm concerned with the ratings!

    Although there was an increase in viewers, it's still too low! Hmmmm...
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