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Where are your ex's now?

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When a relationship ends, the couple has to move on in separate ways... Now, where are your ex-bfs and ex-gfs now... and what are your status to one another? Are you still friends or does he/she remain a memory, even a nightmare?

Me, one's gonna study in PUP this coming school year. We live in the same subdivision and I see him in church. We talk on the phone pag summer. He was my very first BF. And he had a lot of girls after me when we broke up. But just like last summer, he keeps on talking about his most recent girlfriend na ka-bre-break rin lang nila - but it's still obvious na he's not yet over her.

Then, there's one in Benilde. Last time we talked was August pa... he forgot to greet me nung birthday ko. We promised to each other pa naman na we wouldn't forget holidays. May bagong girlfriend na kasi siya eh - and he's also so in love with her.

The other's studying in St. Benedict College. He also lives near my house - and I'm proud to say that we managed to stay very good friends despite the failed relationship. He's one of my very bestfriends and the most trustworthy to date.

I don't know where the other guy is - he's out there somewhere. We have no more communication with each other since January of 1999.

And then, the other one - the most recent... I guess I would still be seeing him around school. But not that much anymore, hopefully. We parted badly - we're not even friends. Malungkot noh?

Kayo? Where are they? And how are you guys?



  • he'z still alive..but bein harassed by current boy! :lol:

    my ex is still makin me kulit eh.
  • one is still alive...somewhere out there...prolly enjoying his life and partying his life away (i dont know!). I hope he's happy with his girl...sana sha na nga yun because I know for a fact that yun ang gusto niya sa buhay...

    the other one...he's prolly at home now...i dont know...I hope he's thinking of me...right now...as I am thinking of him...hindi ko pa sha ex...sa puso ko...heeheh Cheesy....
  • well well.. parang right timing ito.. i received a fone call from my x yesterday asking for HELP.. :).. we were together for 2 yrs ..etc etc.. *long story*.. 7months na kme wala.. now he's well .. current gf nya is 4months preggy.. la sya job he's only 21.. nde pa naggraduate ng college.. lives off his parents.. ( d gurl is 17 HS student pa).. and he said to me pa.. he had no plans in marrying her.. and he always saw himself marrying me daw. oh gush.. LOL.. buti na lang he dumped me.. and as for me...super duper happy ako.. sana he's my last x na.. *sigh*.. :)
  • Having their own lives. :)

  • UNFORTUNATELY, all are still alive, breathing and walking. especially one particular one who is probably stil trying to spit game at anyone with legs.i am still keeping my fingers crossed that their said activities above (living, breathing and walking) won't be true in the near future.
  • all i know about that guy is he's in the province for the summer... i know he has a gf there in the province... and that girl was the reason why we broke up!!! :angry:

    the other one is somewhere... still alive and well but i don't talk to him na coz we don't have communication for a year na...

    and the other guy pa... we still talk on the phone, we still are friends and best guy bud ko nga siya eh... parang kuya :lol:

    and that dumbass jerk!!! never mind him, i wanted to forget him na!!! :(
  • Still making me kulit. Ok lang, I enjoy the attention.

  • The last one, got married and has a son. I saw him a couple of months ago and he acted as if he didn't know me...the nerve!

    The other one, married na rin. I know his wife gave birth early this year. We had coffee and he has not changed, still loves to flirt. Guapo kasi, sorry na lang siya I know him better :)

    The other one, also married. This one, I really cried when I learned he got married. Anyways, I know his wife. We're still good friends. He still makes me feel special whenever we see each other and the wife understands (?). He told me recently that even though 'hindi naging kami', he still cares a lot about me and he'll always be there for me and honestly I believe him.

    The other one, i don't know. He went to the States and joined the navy after high school. Last time he was here he was hurt beceause I was not able to see him. Have not heard from him since...I do miss him and I'm trying to look him up :) We became good friends after the relationship.
  • my one and only ex...

    buhay pa naman awa ng Diyos, ayun constant caller... bolero pa rin, payat pa rin, and after two girls (after me)... friends pa rin kami.

    yun lang!
  • She's probably studying in another state, the other one who i just saw last night is studying in UCLA, the other one is a new addition in "Tabing Ilog" :D and the other one is my neighbor, so I see her every weekend. I'm all friends with them still. [ If I can't be the boyfriend, then I want to be a friend at least :) ]
  • He's studyin' at FEU...
    I think he's having a blast! And so am I! We're in good terms naman... :)
  • my ex's still alive. in fact we still keep in touch but he's not naman making kulit or anything. he's in town, actually. :smile:
  • ex ko? wala na, patay na! :lol: j/k

    ayun, living ordinary life
  • x1 - xn Dont know na

  • ang alam ko nag tatrabaho na sya sa New World Hotel :D
  • well, my first ex is succesfully a college scholar in one of the universities in u.s. we're still good friends and we still chat in the icq. he deserves it because he is a nice person inside and out.he already has a gf who is a filipina scholar he even showed me their pictures! =)
    my second ex, is still an immature rich spoiled brat who flirts in every girl in our school. he has found a rich gf also who he fools more often. we didn't end up in good terms coz he's a fool and he still bothers me every other yr! nd he lives near our place and we still study in thesame school since highschool! and i dont wanna see him anymore! i feel destructed whenever i see him! i just wish he'll still change for the better!
    then my previous ex is presently taking up civil engenering in one of the prestigious school on manila. he's kind, nice and intellegent too. he also deserves good things. i think he still doesn't have a girlfriend after me. but i wish he can find one true love that will last.
  • kiber ko!!!! :rolleyes:

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  • hmmmmm...there's a couple that i remain in contact with but i don't care to ask what they do simply because i don't care.
    the others i don't know what they do and i could care less!!
    i'm not bitter. of course not. wait seriously, i'm really not bitter. i think? ok definitely. i'm definitely not bitter. --just kidding!!
  • still in Cavite...in his Senior year in DLSU there with his new gf...(malas! :lol: joke :evilgrin: )...hahahaha...i just hope he matures in time...and i hope he learns that money isn't supposed to be the basis in a relationship...sheesh :(

    the second one...

    still in Chicago, i guess...still working @ AETNA and MASONIC hospital...being a nurse and all...saving up money for his ideal car- a land rover & his future "home"....trying to hold on to his long-distance relationship, which i hope will last...this time around ;)...so that he could walk this girl to the aisle...and have a happily-ever-after kinda thing :girl:

    hmmmmm....but i guess, inspite of all the success he has achieved in life, he's still searching for true happiness in general...which i hope HE WILL FIND...SOMEDAY! :D
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