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America's Next Top Model Cycle 14

Here are some spoilers:

[crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]*New Zealand is the international destination. (True)
*Andr? Leon Talley and Kimmora Lee Simmons will join the panel of judges.
*Miranda Kerr is a guest judge.
*There will be an episode called "Lord of the Bling".
*There will be 12 girls this cycle.
*The theme of this cycle will be "Netwalk"(network) meaning it will be like Myspace/Facebook but it will be Tyra's version.
*Angelea from cycle 12 will be part of the cast.
*Some of the girls' names are Alasia, Alexandra, Brenda, Simone, Nadua, Marietta, Ainsley, Jessica, Tiiana/Tatiana, and Gabrielle.
*Girls' descriptions:

Alexandra is a plus size girl and is from Texas.
Alasia is from Georgia and is a drama queen.
Brenda is a natural redhead.
Simone is a black girl.
Nadua is a white girl who lives in Cancun.
Marietta is another redhead.
Ainsley is a mom, a Southern girl and a redhead.
Jessica is also a mom and is from Conway, Arkansas.
Gabrielle is from Buffalo, New Jersey.



A promo shoot perhaps?



In this photo you can see Andr? and Tyra.



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