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ROBIlievers: Robi Domingo ~ Robi, ikaw ang STAR ng aming pasko! [World 56]

Robert Marion Eusebio Domingo, commonly known as True Blue Atenean Robi Domingo is a product, and first runner up of the popular reality television show Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus of ABS-CBN 2. He is now an actor/VJ and a full-time college student of Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.

Robi was born on September 27, 1989 to parents who are both doctors. His father, Roberto "Boy" Domingo who acted as his guardian inside the PBB house, is a General Surgeon while his mother, Mary Ann Domingo works as the company doctor of SSS. Robi has one younger brother named Robert Marlo Domingo (known as Maro) who also went inside the PBB house for one day.

Robi has been attending Ateneo since elementary and decided to continue studying there for his pre-med studies after exiting the PBB house. He is now a college freshman majoring in Health Sciences and has been able to be a Dean's Lister despite his busy schedule.

Robi values education and was very happy when he was named as a Youth spokesperson and consultant by the Department of Education. For his 19th birthday, his fans, the ROBILIEVERS prepared a surprise birthday bash for him by organizing a charity event for a local school wherein they gave out numerous educational materials and enjoyed a whole day celebrating with the kids.

Despite his continued pursuance of his dream of becoming a doctor, Robi remains active in showbiz and has vowed to try his best to keep on balancing his two passions. Several reporters were in agreement in saying that they see Robi as possibly the next Rico Yan, the young matinee Idol who tragically died several years ago. Robi has long since commented that he is very flattered and thankful for the comparison because he sees Rico Yan as a true model of the youth.

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