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How do job offers work?

okay so i'm a fresh grad and i just got a call that i got a job offer from a certain i.t. company! pero how do job offers work? say on the day of the meeting, parang may ipapakita ba silang kontrata, tapos sasabihin iyong sweldo? as a fresh grad can you negotiate with the salary? do you have to say yes or no to the job offer right away or can you say i'll think about it? and for how long can you think about it?

sorry ang daming tanong! right now i'm just confused because i have a job interview on another company on the same week as the job offer meeting. so i really wanna weigh my options first.



  • xnikolaixnikolai PEx Rookie ⭐
    I also want to know how job offers work. Okay lang ba to ask for some time to think about the job offer?

    Hope someone answers our trivial questions! :)
  • how i wish na may magsabi na rin sa akin ng job offer.. hanggang initial interview lang nararating ko.. :(
  • Yung job offer kasama yung ng contract, pati ng rules and policies. Pwede ka tumanggi. Pwede mo sabihing mejo mababa yung salary for you, ayun, tapos alis ka na. Or kung alam mong desperate na yung company na makuha ka, pwede kang makipag-negotiate. Pwede ring sabihin mo uwi ka muna tapos pag-iisipan mo. Sabihin mo tatawagan m na lang sila. Either dagdagan nila yung offer para pumayag ka na, or i-eliminate ka na lang dahil marami ka pa nmng candidates. Depende talaga kung sinong nangangailangan.

    Sa buong buhay ko, lagi ko inaaccept yung offer. Kasi laging ako yung desperate. :rotflmao:
  • well said!
  • thanks for the reply!
  • Sun_SetSun_Set PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It is an offer, you have the option to accept or not. Read the offer carefully, do not focus on basic salary alone but check the benefits as well. If you say pag-iisipan mo, normally, company will give you the day they will expect your answer. In some companies, those who do not accept the offer will be black listed for life. Kasi naman, sinayang mo yung time ng company, then di naman pala accept. Kung may ayaw ka sa offer, then don't accept, kesa naman nasa company ka na then dami reklamo.
  • gialette wrote: »
    Sa buong buhay ko, lagi ko inaaccept yung offer. Kasi laging ako yung desperate. :rotflmao:

    ako din lagi kong inaaccept. di naman sa desperate ako... pero nung una kasi....di ko alam na pwede palang tumanggi. hahahahaha. bata pa ko nun eh. :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I always ask the company if they would give me few days to thoroughly read the contract and to decide whether the position is right for me. That way when I make a decision to accept the position, I know I am happy with the contract, salary, benefits, etc. And If I don't accept the offer, I can provide my justified reasons for declining the offer.

    I think it's always best to give yourself a few days and read the contract. A lot of people sign then and there without properly reading the contract and find themselves in all sorts of fixes like bonds, non-compete clauses, benefit catch 20's, termination policies which they did not agree upon, an oversight that could've been avoided if one had read the contract properly.
  • Freshgrad salary negotiations arent really common, unless you have an extraordinary skill and have presentable proof that they will in fact get a good deal out of hiring you, even with an adjusted salary.

    Frankly speaking though, as a freshgrad, even if you do get 10% higher a salary than your peers, it'd still be peanuts. (unless of course, you really really need every peso)
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yeah I agree. There's not much bargaining power for a fresh grad.
  • i just got a job offer kanina....pero i was still thinking. maybe i'll declined it.
  • If you're informed that you will get a job offer, list down all your questions and wish lists. Compare that with your offer and don't be afraid to ask questions and for adjustments if you feel you deserve better. Some companies are more than willingto give worthy applicants their desired package to hire (and keep) them. Also, always ask for time to re-read the contract and think things through. Do not sign yet. You never know what your present employer may come up or counter you with (if they do.. but I'm not a fan of counter-offers).
  • anong mga items sa kontrata should we look out for? i've googled a non-compete clause and wow, grabe naman kung may ganun sa kontrata mo.

    and how long usually are you allowed to think and decide?

    i'm still waiting na tawagan para sa job offer meeting ko so i still do not have any idea what a contract looks like and all that stuff
  • I don't agree that you get blacklisted for not accepting a contract. I have personally turned down contracts when I felt it was not in my best interest to accept them (because it would only be detrimental to the company as well in the long run).

    Nowadays, your job offer may consist of the compensation and benefits first with the contract proper presented to you later on. The compensation package means your basic salary, any allowances or bonus, your vacation leaves and sick leaves and your health benefits among others. If you are amenable to that, they will usually ask you to go back for the contract signing. The 'in-between' period is the waiting time to gather your requirements and to also let you think about whether you will be pursuing it.

    Remember, kung compensation package lang ang pinirmahan mo then it is not legally binding yet. You are still not an employee of the company. Read the stipulations and content carefully, though. But usually, it is just an agreement stating na ok ka with what the company has to offer and nothing more. In some cases though, binibigay na nang sabay ang comp package at ang contract.

    The job contract will be the comprehensive document detailing the benefits package plus the policies you have to adhere to. This will usually cover policies on attendance, performance metrics, etiquette, grounds for termination, non-compete clause, disclosure, etc. Read this carefully. Also, take note of the start date of your employment.

    In some cases, kahit nakapirma ka na sa mismong job contract pero nagbago desisyon mo after some time, you can still retract the contract IF you are not yet binded. For instance, it says there that you have a bond for 6 months starting from your first day of employment. But your first day is still 2 weeks away and you found a better offer without any bond and you want to take that job instead, then you can still call up company A and retract the contract without paying any bond. This is because hindi ka pa covered nung bond according sa terms na naka-set sa contrata.

    With regards to basic salary, take the time allotted for the compensation package to ask what you can expect with regards to things like getting a salary raise. Kasi, kahit ano sabihin mo, it's salary. It's the only thing that is permanent sa iyong compensation. All else is optional and can be removed by the company if they deem it necessary. Of course, the exception is the 13th month pay and your night diff if you will be working nightshift.

    For new grads, mahirap talaga mag-negotiate ng inyong salary. But if you want a bigger salary, do research sa industry na papasukin nyo kasi in certain industries, they offer positions like those in management training where the salary is already substantial. If you can cut it, then you will be getting a high salary right away.

    Take note of the regularization period as well. Mareregularize ka ba? There are companies who offer regularization as early as the 3rd month of your stay with them. The standard is 6 months. Then there are those who can put it on hold depending on the circumstances (performance, etc). This is important kasi if you have tenure, then you can avail of the full roster of benefits at hindi ka din basta basta pwede matanggal sa trabaho.

    Also, take note of the resignation process. Do you have a bond? Some companies require that you stay with hem for a certain amount of time if you accept the job with the condition that if you resign before the aforementioned time frame has lapsed, you will pay a certain sum of money. Is it pro-rated? If it's 50K for one year, do you still pay 50K even if you just need one more day to complete your bond? Or nababawasan ba *** amount the longer you stay with the company? Pero just to clarify ha, not all companies have a bond. And sa resignation, check if you can do immediate resignation or if you have to give in 15 days or 30 days notice, kasi dito ka talaga maba-blacklist pag di mo nasunod. For instance, some companies require that you make a 30-day notice before resignation. Pwede ka naman din mag-immediate pero the catch is since hindi mo sinunod ang notice period, you can never go back to the company again.

    Check for their clauses regarding conflicts of interest. Minsan, because of non-compete clause, you may have to wait for say 2 years after resigning with them before you can apply and work for certain companies na ka-competition nila or ka-line nang industry.

    Anyway, just some tips. There are lots but most of them you will gain na lang through experience. BASTA READ THE CONTRACT CAREFULLY. You have every right to decline it. Believe me, you are not wasting the company's time if you decline. You have every right to do so if you feel the terms are grossly unfavorable to you or if you feel that you may have problems with some of them later on. You will be doing yourself and the company a big favor if you allow yourself the decision of either accepting the contract or rejecting it based on your careful deliberation of the matter.

  • I think mahavir747's post covers most of the things you need to know. The only time I negotiated was when my current company presented their initial job offer. But I did back up the figure I asked with solid explanations. If you want to negotiate, always remain reasonable.
  • how about soft offers?

    nagpirma ako ng offer letter (or kung ano man tawag dun) stating their compensation package offer. pero di pa daw official yun kasi may one more step pa na kailangan i-complete...that is to talk to the client.

    do you guys have any experiences like that din? :confused:
  • Dragon_HeartDragon_Heart PEx Rookie ⭐
    ^^ You are referring to the job offer sheet.
    As the other poster said, it is not legally binding. The employment contract is. If you decide to decline after signing the employment contract, there is a possibility of you getting blacklisted.

    I think the client interview is just a formality in your case.
  • wow! dami ko nalaman dito salamat po!
  • share nyo naman po dyan yung fresh grad resume nyo po please.
    para may idea po ako kung paano gagawin ko sa resume ko po.
  • Kakapirma ko lang ng po job offer kahapon. Pagkatapos binigay na sa akin iyong list of pre-employment requirements. Ok lang bang magbago ng isip? Kasi may mas magandang offer pala ang Company B sa akin. Ano kayang mas magandang sabihin sa kanila kung bakit ayaw ko nang ituloy na magtrabaho sa Company A?
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