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which is better, 2 superstars or 5 all stars on a team

blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
Lemme explain more a little, whih would yo rather have, 2 Superstars (SHaq, KObe, Malone Stockton) or 5 all-stars in which none of them are of superstar status (Theo Ratliff, Rasheed Wallace, Allan Houston, Brian Grant, Tim Hardaway)


  • Two superstars. At least you'll know that these players are going to demand the ball, will take team leadership in their hands, and will get the benefit of a doubt from the referees.:D With 5 or more "all-stars", you still have just one ball, and they all want the ball. As evidenced by Portland for the past few years, that kind of team concept doesn't work.;)
  • 2 superstars na! 5 good players can lead to indecisiveness on who's going to score or all 5 of them wanting to score.
  • 2 lang!! (Jordan , pippen)!!!
  • look at portland 8 superstar!! but they still lose, but look at sixers they have 2 superstar but they win!!
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    choosing the 2-superstar set-up is so easy to do; just compare the lakers and the blazers and anyone will easily pick the 2-superstar set-up by the lakers....

    but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that the lakers have phil jackson and his triangle to run that set-up....bring jackson and his triangle to portland, and they'd be cruising to a 70-win season....
  • neth_row, will the superstars from the Blazers accept the triangle offense? sa Lakers pa nga lang bumabaklas na si Kobe (every NBA thread must have Kobe in it! :D) sa sistema, sa Blazers pa kaya na marami pang mga independiente.

    ok, aside from Portland - L.A., how about this? I hope these two are worth comparing...

    Boston has Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker (2 players who can make the all-star). While Indiana has Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Jermaine O'neal, Austin Croshere and Travis Best (ok, first three players are good players while the last two are average). both are fighting for the last playoff spot. their last matchup was played last night (March 30) and Indiana won with Austin Croshere doing the damage.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    Let me rephrase my statement a bit thanks for the posts.. whn i meant 5 all stars i meant players who have all star skill but not necessarily of superstar status and they are NOT the franchse players that's why i mentioned theo ratliff kumbaga sa PBA mga likes of Abuda, Racela, Andy Seigle, Rodney Santos, etc yung mga magagaling pero hindi sila ang no 1 option get my point?
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    How about the Miami Heat? they have Zo, Tim Hardaway, Brian Grant, Eddie Jones and Anthony Mason. This team is strong saka walang pa superstar because everyone accepts his role and they know ZO is option 1
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    harry potter, in a perfect world, i think the blazers would embrace phil jackson ;), pippen's there to guide the others in mastering the triangle....

    but then again, the blazers is a team full of malcontents, so i wouldn't be surprised if anyone will last under phil ;)
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