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this is the new movie of Roberts Rodriguez (Desperado, Dusk till Dawn)and it stars Antonio Banderas, Carla Cugino and Alan Cumming and of course the kids (don't know their names pero sila ang bida)...

i saw it on vcd (malinaw...early copy kasi ngayon pa lang ito ipapalabas sa US and hindi pa tapos lahat ng special effects shots)...the movie in one word is COOL! it's a really babaw kids movie but they're SPIES! that's cool! imagine Mission: Impossible meets James Bond meets The Matrix but with kids!!! it's a fun movie (like Charlie's Angels...all action nonsense)...galeng nung special effects that i saw...the only problem with the copy i saw was that it was unfinished...the movie relies on alot of special effects pa naman...so go see it in the movie house when it comes out...but if you insist on the vcd...don't be shocked to see scenes na may green screen or unpolished computer graphics!


  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Way cooler gadgets than James Bond's. Kakaaliw talaga.
  • ZenZen PExer
    I've been wanting to watch this ever since I saw the trailer. *okay* Ang cute nung mga bata, puro kulot. :lol:

  • Watched this movie just yesterday. The movie was so-so but the effects were cool. :up:
    Ang galing pa nung gadgets. I especially liked the microwaveable instant food. :chomp:

  • a cool movie, cool din sa visual fx ... pero hindi talaga convincing lalo na yung part na nakasakay yung dalawang kids sa isang parang maliit na plane o airship na walang windshields eh super bilis na sila eh di man lang gumagalaw yung buhok nila (na tinatamaan sana kuno ng hangin), hehehe!
  • very funny film :lol:

    cool nung mga effects . . . and cute ng mga kids lalo na yung may mga warts yung fingers because he's hands sweat a lot :lol: . . . oo nga, babyfats - sobrang cool nung instant microwavable food! :yum:
  • really kewl movie. kewl hi-tech gadgets....lalo na yung insatant microwavable food...woah! 2 flashes lang burger and fries agad....true, way cooler gadgets than james bond`s. funny how they keep on fighting and call names at each other :lol: the girl's still wearing diapers! laff trip. :laugh: i wish i was in a family of spies too. more than anything else...i like the ELECTRIC BUBBLE GUMS. kewwl. small cameras...acid pens..and playback watches watches...small colorful planes and submarines..hi tech headquarters and super kewl instand FOOD. :D :laugh:

    :rotfl: >doink<
  • 3.5 out of 4 stars...

    fun and entertaining... highly recommended for kids and adults alike...

    robert rodriguez is GOOD!
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