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skin problem of my grandmother

So my grandma lives in China and she has this skin problem.

She's about 81 years old now.

Her skin is in her left foot is always itchy, up to the point that the top layer of the skin has been removed from her itching and its starting to rot.

Once that rotting part has been healing, another part of her left foot starts to become itchy like crazy.

Is there any medicine or ointment or cream that could prevent this?

I wish I could provide pics but there aren't any.

I hope somebody could help here. The doctors in China are useless. If there's one thing that's useless in China, its their state of western medicine.

Thank you.


  • hmmm.... is she diabetic? and how do you described "rotting part has been healing" and the timeline yun progression. did it initially start as a blister or in between the toes?
  • Could just be fungal infection. Diabetic foot is usually not itchy. Again, in the absence of further history or even a picture, I'm merely shooting from the hip and giving an educated guess. Try Terbinafine cream daily for a month. Don't know where you can get it in the PI, I'm not local. Maybe, other Docs here can help you. Notice I underline "just" not to say it is simple but to highlight that it could be a tough case to treat. Good luck..
  • tell her to stop anything carbohydrate such as rice, sugar, cakes, bread for 1 month , just to isolate if its the carbohydrates thats causing the itch. instead, tell, her to eat more meat.chicken and veggies in the meantime so she will not have hunger pangs.

    i know its drastic but hey, her foot is rotting, she needs to try something drastic right away.

    if the itch goes away, then she will have to cut-back on her carbohydrates such as rice, sugar permanently
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