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Not sure if we have old post on this but I would like to solicit some feedback about this company especially after the recent no salary increase.


  • SirEmmanSirEmman Member PExer
    mabagal ang recruitment process, if you want to get hired on december, make sure that you already applied 6 months ago.
  • sakuranaisakuranai Member ✭✭
    ^ case to case basis yan sir, kung in-demand ang position mabilis Lang recruitment process

    @ts search mo na Lang threads ng accenture and backread ka, both negative & positive things abt accenture.
  • emememem Member ✭✭
    Hiring Accenture ngayon, daming positions available. The business is good now. I still think its a good company.
  • rhouwehnrhouwehn one republic PExer
    hiring pa po sila? dami pa po pending na umaantay ng start date po kasi gaya ko.
  • fresh_graduatefresh_graduate Banned by Admin PExer
    dami ng accenture thread
  • annwardannward Member PExer
    rhouwehn wrote: »
    hiring pa po sila? dami pa po pending na umaantay ng start date po kasi gaya ko.

    same waiting for my start date. and i've been waiting for 2 months now. grrrrh:grrr:
  • I think Accenture is a good launch pad ng mga gustong mag IT, parang That's Entertainment, pero once nakuha mo na yung skill na gusto mo, leave dahil hindi ganun kataas ang salary compared sa iba... lalo na ngayon na may bracket na ang salary per levels di katulad ng dati na based on ratings...
  • ^ :lol: @ Accenture = That's Entertainment
  • freethinkeefreethinkee Member PExer
    I totally agree. I'm a non-IT grad but ACN gave me a career in IT. They give good trainings and exposure to things you need for you to grow.

    Nga lang, ang workload sobang bigat! That's the reason I'm actively finding a new company now. Di ko kinakaya ang pressure ngayon.
  • macroblitzmacroblitz Member PExer
    Share ko lang *** Bitter Experience sa pag apply ko sa Accenture

    well it's most likely to be my fault?

    I was contacted by Accenture via Email and told me that if I want to apply I need to go to their recruitment center with some documents, I don't know if I would attend since I'm not a Manila Boy, and I don't know how things work, but 3 days later someone from Accenture texted me and asked if I'll be able to come for an exam and interview, and when is my available time, so I gave them my available week and he scheduled me Monday 8:00am.

    Then after a week, it's finally Monday!, I'm all fired up and ready, I wore a business casual attire (even with a necktie), I woke up 4am in the morning, arrived at their recruitment center at 7:00am, submitted my application by 8:00am,

    and the receptionist said to me "Okay, your Exam schedule is later 12:30pm"

    and I just though "What the?! I'm going to wait for 4 hours and 30 minutes? Wait!? The mall is not even open yet.", but since I have no option I just waited outside on the parking lot and talked to the employee's motorcycles!

    The mall opened at 10? and got some fun with tom's world (I think), then I went again on their Rcenter 12:20pm and waiting for my name to be called, and finally! my name was called for my exam (2:00+ pm). I was furious, mad, haggard, exhausted, blank mind, sleepy, disappointed, lost hope, end of the world, and felt ridiculously!!

    After 50 mins, I finished my exam and waited another 30 minutes. And here is where another problem began, the receptionist said "Well Mr. Me, Congratulations you have passed the examination, but we need your Certificate of Grade with your schools signature/seal (Since what I got is a grade without any signature [stupid me]), so here is my Email address and send me your complete Grade, and if you have no more question you can go home for now".

    And I just thought -> "......." for 10 seconds in front of the reception desk. said thank you and leave.

    Went home and arrived at 7-8pm, slept and after waking up I unconsciously said "I think I had a nightmare" -.-

    Then I rested for the day after going to Accenture, and another day after (2 days after my exam) I went to my school and requested for my Certificate of Grade (COG, I don't have a TOR yet since i just graduated last week), I notice that my grade list still have some incomplete grade, actually it has 3 incomplete/blank grades (I'm just waiting it to be encoded) and ask my school when will my grade be encoded, my school replied "We don't know", but still I took my COG and drove home, while I was driving, someone from Accenture called me,

    I answered the call and said that "I'm sorry, but Sir I'm currently driving, so can you please call me again after 30 minutes?"

    He said "Ok thank you", and I hung up since I was on a strict high way or rather express way and there might be some enforcer that can see me or rather get to some kind of accident, Well anyway that's what happened. I went home and haven't receive a call, I texted him saying "Sir I apologize earlier and thank you for waiting", but he didn't called me, I was even thinking if i should call him back? but since it past office hour I didn't call him.

    @Home, I scanned my Grades and sent it to the reception email, and She replied "Thank you we receive your TOR (COR), we need your complete grade for evaluation". I do not have a complete grade and that's sad (My school even said they don't know when, but I know that it will take a month or two).

    1 Week Later, No email, no Call, No Text so I emailed the receptionist and ask for a follow up. I ask if my application status and if it will not be process if I don't have a complete grade, and she replied that they need my complete grade, so I need to give my complete grade before they do something with my application.

    Now, Knowing that it will take some months or even a year!! to have my complete grade, I just thought that maybe it's better to forget about Accenture, I applied to some companies yesterday and received 4 invitation for interview/exams. Even though I really want to work at Accenture, well.....

    I hope some of my information might help you guys, and wish me for God to bless me a good career. Thank you.

    P.S. (I'll just put Nicknames)
    Thank you Sir Chris working abroad that referred me to Accenture, Sir Pau for the Email, Sir Cel for text message, Maam Haz for replying for my follow up, Sir Gar for the call. I'm not bitter against those people because I know that they are just following the rules. But rather I thank them for their kind approach.
  • sloowiesloowie Member PExer
    One word= PATAYAN
  • It's really the process. Pass the exam, send your grade at the email before you get scheduled for an interview.
  • macroblitzmacroblitz Member PExer
    LoloMode wrote: »
    It's really the process. Pass the exam, send your grade at the email before you get scheduled for an interview.

    Yes, I was wondering for a little consideration, since I already have a proof that I graduated, and with 3 blank grade I was out of the question already. But anyway, I don't care anymore :D since they are already a stable and large company, they can just hire the best of the best.

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