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Any advice for modeling?

need advice for male modeling :)


  • greenslothgreensloth Member PExer
    have a dayjob. period. :):)
  • laclaurencelaclaurence Member PExer
    i'm a registered nurse :)
  • kaningbrownkaningbrown Member PExer
    Frequent gaybars.
  • getreadyphgetreadyph Member PExer
    Frequent gaybars.

    model po hindi callboy. hahahah!
  • indaclubindaclub Member PExer
    getreadyph wrote: »
    model po hindi callboy. hahahah!

    pang part-time:rotflmao:
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop I Am WHIP ✭✭✭
    sleep with ghey managers as much as possible.
  • amajbbYUAPamajbbYUAP Banned by Admin PExer
    madali lang ito basta may kilala ka na nagwo-work sa advertising agency. kahit mukhang "pesteng ahem" basta malakas ang kapit mo, model ka na.
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma ✭✭
    Get a professional portfolio done. Headshot, half body, full body, various outfits etc. Go to different accredited professional talent agencies and have your VTR and photoshoot done. Most of them are in Makati. Most of the time, you'll just be waiting for them to call you to attend the go-sees and auditions. Unless you land some major major modeling deal and become in-demand, it's not regular and there's tons of competition, so don't count on it too much as a career.
  • laclaurencelaclaurence Member PExer
    thanks for the advice.... i was thinking modeling as a part time still dedicated to my profession as a nurse :) and actually i have a scheduled VTR @ Makati.........but im still undergoing treatment for pimples :)

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