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Houston late rally for playoff spots!

Houston(49-32) currently holding 9th spot in the west, followed by Seattle(50-34).and Minnesota and KG are in the 8th spot and has a record of 52-29....
here is the current standings as of March 29,2001, Top 10 in d west

Win L
1. San Antonio 50 21
2. Sacramento 48 22
3. Utah 47 23
4. Lakers 47 25
5. Dallas 46 25
Portland 46 25
7. Phoenix 43 27
8. Minnesota 42 29
9. Houston 39 32
10. Seattle 40 34

What do you think boy!man! can they .....
And Akeem is back !!!


  • Well, it's still mathematically possible....but hello, we're talking about Phoenix & Minnesota here. I don't think they're letting go of their playoff spots anytime soon. And besides, Hakeem may be back, but it's still day-to-day. You'll never know when he might have to leave again. I'm absolutely NOT wishing him ill, he's one of my favorite players of all time, but let's be realistic...delikado yung condition niya, & I don't think it's gonna be in his best interest to finish the season.
  • Not gonna happen. Phoenix and Minnesota are way too good, and veterans of the last couple of playoffs to lose their number 7 and 8 spots in the playoffs. Baka next year, if Hakeem doesn't retire. But if he does, the Rockets will implode with no center out in the West.:D
  • Hindi Na sila aabot late na!!
  • Aint gonna happen! Its too late! I hope! T-wolves fan ako! Sana hindi nila maabutan ang Wolves!
  • malabo. every step that Stevie Franchise and the Rockets take to get to the playoffs, Phoenix "Jason Kidd" Suns and the Minnesota "Kevin Garnett" Timberwolves are also taking a step.
  • talo na naman ang houston ko! :( its 4 game differential again from minnesota. pero me chance pa rin kami, especially the next game of twolves, gonna be tough, lakers,sacramento,portland and dallas. huhh 0-5 dapat sila last ha,e. im a die hard stevie franchise fan, kayan amin abutin yan KG_21 ,hehehehehehe just wait and see malayo pa ang play off !
  • Mahihirapan sila habulin ang Team na Wolves!! anytime pwede sila manalo!!
  • next game nila 2 sa portland, isa sa lakers, sacramento at phoenix. isama mopa uyng next 5 gaes ulit, makakalaban nila utah, lakers and dallas. yari kayo hehehe,

    kami houston, next 5 gaes ay , washington,nets,dallas, at ez teams na heheheheh. basta houston pa rin ako

    Go Houstonnnnnnn!!

    maririnig mo na lang

    Houston has lifted off!!
    Minnesota we have a problem?

  • Minnesota loses a new to Sacramento kings, sabi ko sa inyo he, Hopes of Houston to be in the final 8 is not yet over.
    but seattle are now ahead of houston in standings.

    minnesota is 42-30
    houston 39-33
    seattle 41-34
    basta it will be a tough one to make the playoffs,
    minnesota is 2game losing skid while seattle wins 3 in a row. and Houston has a game tomorrow vrsus Washingtonh.
    Cmon guys, specially to those houston fans, we hope that we can make the playoff. Just believe in our players.

  • Mahihirapan sila kasi meron pang Sonics na Humahabol na masmganda ang Record!!
  • in terms of wins , oo lamang ang seattle, pero 2 games lang, pero in terms of loses mas lamang ang houston.

    Seattle 41-34
    Houston 39-33

    lamang lang sa percentage pero kaya namin habulin ang minnesota hehehehe, kaw JW55 ha, laban ka pa ha ,hehehehe just kidding, basta im gonna bet my houston. kaya namin yan, meron ba kayong Steve Francis at CuttinoMobley duo
    wala kayo nyan! wala sa minnesota yan
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