Hb 3194 Justifies Lacson’s Rise To Power

House Bill 3194 of Nueva Ecija Rep. Ed Joson, which suggests a countermeasure for a possible “no election” next year, is ironically an indirect promotional ad that entices TRAPOs to actually have one. In fact, the proposal actually involves the grounding of a Transitionary Government under a Council comprised by the 2007-elected senators. In Particular, this would mean giving executive privileges to Senators Loren Legarda, Chiz Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Miguel Zubiri, Eduardo Angara, Panfilo Lacson, Allan Peter Cayetano, Gringo Honasan, Antonio Trillanes, Francis Pangilinan, Noynoy Aquino and Joker Arroyo. All twelve would be sharing executive functions and decisions that would later be extended to the Head of State that would only act as the Council’s symbolic figure. In addition, Isabela Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao, chairman of the committee already agreed to endorse HB 3194 which nonetheless invites the ascension of either 2010 vice presidentiable Legarda or Lacson as Head of State.
If it be claimed incidental, Legarda and Rep. Aggabao are under the same Political flagship of the Nationalist Party Coalition. This serves a determining factor of how partisanship could have helped craft the controversial Bill in the first place. Besides, NPC is obviously running-out of winnable presidential bets if compared to other Political Parties in the likes of Liberal’s Sen. Noynoy Aquino or Nacionalista’s Manny Villar. With Legarda possibly ruling the state by virtue of a “no-el”, NPC would have easily bagged Malacaňang.
Legarda has been eyeing the presidency since 2004. She has been testing the political waters for so long that a proposal such as this which is practically handing her the executive post without much ado is something she would likely consider for self-serving interest.
Meantime, the inclusion of Sen. Lacson in the controversial caretaker government actually solidifies the earlier rumor involving the solons plot to lead a Transitionary Revolutionary Government or (TRG). The dissident plan written-down on a twelve-page proposal was handed among high ranking AFP officials in mid of 2008. Part of the TRG timeframe is to have Pres. Arroyo ousted on the first quarter of 2009, which would closely be followed by the formation of a Transitionary Revolutionary Council (TRC) that will be shadow-led by TRG’s architect-Ping Lacson. No matter how one sees it, the TRG scheme in 2008 and HB 3194’s Transition Rule is one and the same. Even the part where Lacson was listed a potential Head of State “rhymes’ with the 2008 TRG plan that takes in Mr. Exposé’s dictatorship from behind.
Is this why Lacson dropped his presidential ambitions? To channel his “effort” and “funds” to resurrect 2008’s TRG and have it more appealing to the public with the excuse of an election fiasco? On the same note, Lacson with his glooming incrimination for the PAOC-TF murder of PR-man Salvador “Bubby” Dacer will use the proposed Bill as an excuse to absolve himself. I could just imagine him swimming across his presidential immunity and dragging the murder case to nowhere.
With these buttfired presidentiables waiting on the sidelines, “a no-el” and dictatorship will soon be hammering on us. In fact, Legarda and Lacson may have both been begging for it.

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