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TV5 PinoyExchange #3: Ka-Shake ng Bayan!



  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Sex and the City Movie OAP

    One of the sponsors ang Dream FM 106.7
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Mukhang gagawa pa rin po ulit ang ABC-5 ng reality based, singing talent search na ipantatapat naman nila sa Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) at Pinoy Idol (GMA-7).

    May nabasa po kasi akong article na magkakaroon din sila ng local version ng: One In A Million

    Yung One In A Million po ay isang reality based, singing talent search na may same format sa mga Idol series sa Malaysia na TV station na 8TV (behind Malaysian company: "Media Prima" na ka-partner ng ABC-5 ngayon.

    At ayon sa nabasa ko, under din daw sa partnership na kung mayroong version sa Malaysia ay mayroon din dapat na version din ang Philippines.

    Ito po yung article na kung saan may nakalagay na kung may version daw ang Malaysia, meron rin sa Philippines. Pero for sure hindi naman lahat ng meron sa Malaysia meron rin dapat sa Philippines. Baka isa ang One in A Million sa magkakaroon ng Philippine version:
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Ito po yung title card ng:

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer

    Happy 48th Anniversary sa ABC-5. Ilang tulog na lang, June 19, 2008 na! 48 years old na ang ABC-5.
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    ABC5 and Primedia deal done!

    Tony Boy Cojuangco announced yesterday he the Airtime and Consultancy Agreement between ABC5 and MPB Primedia, Inc. is done. The parties have entered into an agreement in principle in which ABC will provide primedia with personnel, facilities and other services to produce a number of television programs to be aired here and abroad. While the specific terms are still being threshed out, Tony Boy welcomes the opportunity to “profitably utilize the existing capabilities within our company, and we hope to prove that this is a mutually beneficial arrangement worth continuing between the two companies.” Bobby Barreiro was designated to coordinate with Primedia. Tony Boy enjoined all concerned to “exert every effort to supply our content partner with efficient and high quality production services.”

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Five Oranges Update

    khakiskrt wrote: »
    :wave: Ging, Cleng, Zia, Jenn, housemate kaye, herosan, anika, SAYERZ :wave:

    kamusta kamusta? :)

    thanks for watching SINGING BEE last night! last wednesday namin yun tinape.. grabe 1am na yun! last episode kasi yun samin eh.

    anyway, updates about the ABC5 show, 5 Oranges/My So-Called College Life: medyo delayed ang start ng taping, sa June 23 na daw.. will update you guys pag may changes.. and sabi sa akin ang ka love team ko dun ay si Joross. Haha! He's a good friend naman from college kaya okay na okay to work with him.

    Anyway, I am planning a Sayerz get together soon.. sa Fort Bonifacio/ High Street/MarketMarket. Please tell me when you guys are available. It will be on a Sunday siguro.. kasi everyone is okay pag Sunday:)

    Anyway, God Bless:)
    thanks again for the love and support!!

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Happy 48th Anniversary sa ABC-5! (June 19, 2008)
  • James Ty IIIJames Ty III Member ✭✭✭
    Sino ang tanggal na sa Shall We Dance? Ang alam ko, mga beauty queens ang kasali.
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Job Openings at ABC-5:

    *Credits to Ate Quel:

    ABC-5's Creative Services Department is looking for Promo Producers, Editors, and Graphic Artists. If you're interested, simply send your resume to: [email protected]
    Please indicate that you have learned about the job opening through this announcement/ad by me: Racquel, a promo producer, and also indicate in the subject what position you are applying for. :) Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply. That's all. Thanks! :)
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    by Terra J. Daffon

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a new buzzword self-consciously dropped in business conversations over latte or Cabernet. Called by other names, it has been practiced by progressive companies for years, in the beginning, in simpler, more limited ways. It has evolved over time and in recent years, has finally gained the prominence and the following it deserves. Now, it is a “must do” for responsible business, in many forms and on a bigger scale.

    CSR has no standard definition. If PR or public relations is succinctly defined as “doing good and telling it well,” CSR has been as briefly defined as business “giving back to society.” Others also call it the highest form of PR.

    To Mallen Baker, Development Director for Business in the Community, CSR is “how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.” This suggests that CSR should reflect in all areas of a company’s operations. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, in the article Making Good Business Sense, used the following definition – “CSR is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of its workforce and their families, and the local community and society at large.” But since it is a business, a company is called upon to do all these – while watching the bottom line, turning a profit and meeting shareholders and stakeholders wants and expectations. You can’t get more encompassing than that.

    The Minimum

    At the minimum, a company practices CSR if it strictly complies with the economic, social and environmental laws and regulations governing its particular business and industry. There are basics like proper sanitation, waste disposal, safeguards against pollution, handling of toxic waste and other harmful elements. Then there’s fostering employee health and welfare. There are recent legislations like the Clean Air Act. There are laws upon laws, regulations upon regulations that businesses should comply with under pain of penalty or criminal liability to safeguard society and the environment against simple mishaps to big time havoc. Sad to say, there are many companies who willfully go around “inconvenient” laws and regulations;

    There’s the sardines company which employs child labor, uses spoiled or dynamited fish and cans its products in grimy, rat infested factories. Multiply that many times over with manufacturers or repackers of goods like bread and sugar, whose unsanitary practices were recently exposed on TV. There are still sweatshops (in this day and age) which pay slave labor. Factories where employees are exposed day in and day out to toxic fumes and chemicals. Modern companies and their strictly contractual policies. Or who don’t remit SSS payments. Or deny their employees benefits mandated by law. The list goes on. There are big time culprits. Like the mining company in Marinduque which destroyed a river and caused sickness and death in the community. Indiscriminate loggers

    Heightened environmental awareness and the degradation of the environment have exerted tremendous pressure on many industries to take a close watch on their processes for the social costs these practices exact. Companies involved in logging, mining, fuel, transport, manufacturing and heavy industries to name a few count among those who have to abide by environmental laws or wreak havoc on their workers as well as adjoining communities. These are mandated by law and non-compliance have corresponding penalties but many companies still manage to get around them and get away with it.

    And Beyond

    But true CSR goes beyond minimum compliance with the law. It is taking the initiative to generously do more than the minimum required by law to render service and “to give back” to the community, or even the country at large. This can come in the form of picking up an advocacy in a big way – instead of planting a single tree on Arbor Day, (and leaving it to languish after credit signage has been mounted) – it can be as extensive and sustainable as adopting an entire watershed, cleaning and greening it, and transforming it into a huge water park for the general public to enjoy. Habitat for Humanity, an international volunteerism which builds homes for the poor, is financed primarily through donations from corporations. Many companies now are re-engineering their business processes toward a more socially responsible way. We now hear of green or clean production, green design strategy, green building, green chemistry. More and more, businesses are realizing that they should plunge headlong and address social issues and help themselves especially when government cannot protect their interest or when government itself is, in fact, part of the problem.

    The Rewards

    When reputation is on the line, a company which has practiced true CSR comes out ahead. CSR has many rewards and they extend a long way. Not only for positive image and brand equity, but in the company’s bottomline as well. CSR can and does drive sales and protect market shares. More and more customers have become sensitive to the practices of the companies which provide goods and services. They take time to read product labels. They make it their business to know who are violating environmental and labor laws. With the plethora of choices available to them, they can boycott companies which do not meet today’s socially-responsible standards. CSR, therefore, opens opportunities for companies to build beneficial relationships with markets and communities. Internally, CSR inspires in the workforce pride in the company. It boosts employee morale, improves performance and strengthens commitment.

    CSR & ABC5

    For different industries, there are many ways, big and small, of practicing CSR. ABC5 has declared for CSR. One of the core values adopted by the company is Corporate Social Responsibility. In a keynote article written by President & CEO Mr. Antonio A. Cojuangco on April 12, 2004, he implied a strong sense of CSR when he wrote: “…there is no place like home and home is the Philippines. But living at home is difficult, the problems of the country complex and myriad. We each have roles in playing out this puzzle. I have chosen to focus on media.”

    In other instances, Mr. Cojuangco spoke of his vision of an informed and enlightened citizenry shaped by responsible broadcast journalism, and his desire to contribute to social alleviation, not through doleouts, but through self-help initiatives. As for program content which is at the heart of broadcast, Mr. Cojuangco repeatedly emphasized, on many occasions, his belief in balancing pure entertainment and development communications with quality as the common denominator. When he spoke of the workforce, he was unequivocal in affirming that everybody has a place, that each has his own strengths which should be maximized, and weaknesses which should be buttressed and that the key to a productive workforce would be total management support, training, retooling and the right fit and match of people to jobs.

    CSR in Programming

    Mr. Cojuangco’s CSR-oriented pronouncements have been actualized in the area of programming. One of the first orders of the day was to revamp and invigorate news and public affairs, resulting in Sentro and Big News. Then, there was Lente, which sought to illumine and ventilate election issues. The co-production with Inquirer for INQTV. Cheche Lazaro and The Probe Documentaries, and of course Dokyu, a first-ever platform for young documentarists. This passion for quality and the arts as well as social advocacy has also given rise to ABCinema and Cinemalaya, a showcase of the best international and locally produced indie films which are artistic if not necessarily commercial successes, and the airing of specials like Live 8, an unprecedented call to the world’s eight superpowers to end poverty by condoning the debt of the poorest nations and doubling international aid.

    Disaster Relief Operations

    Albeit in modest ways, ABC has reached out to communities through simple projects like holiday gift-giving to children and the elderly; medical and dental missions; aid to fire and flood victims; assistance to NGOs and similar baseline activities. One of its most memorable undertakings was its disaster relief operations (pls. see pictures) during one of the worst tragedies to hit the Philippine countryside. ABC teams from the Corporate Affairs office and News & Public Affairs braved the difficult, life threatening journey to the storm-buffeted and landslide-ravaged mountain communities of Real, Infanta and Aurora. Other networks had bigger mobilizations but to the ABC5 volunteers, what mattered was they were there in the midst of the needy and extending not only bundles of aid in kind but also a part of their hearts. They strongly felt one of the rewards of CSR.


    Other information:
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer

    ABC5 and MPB Primedia, a local company backed by Malaysian media conglomerate Media Prima Berhad recently forged a Production Services Agreement in which ABC will provide Primedia with personnel, facilities and other services to produce television programs which the latter will air here and abroad.

    ABC President & CEO Antonio O. Cojuangco has designated Managing Director for Entertainment Group Roberto "Bobby" V. Barreiro to oversee all coordination efforts with Primedia in connection with the agreement, and the ongoing programming revamp in the network.

    Early this year, ABC entered into an Airtime and Consultancy Agreement with MPB Primedia, Inc. Under this agreement, Primedia will take over major airtime blocks of the network in which the company will air their own produced or acquired programs. Additionally, Primedia will also help identify major areas of improvement and as necessary, help in their improvement, as in the ongoing upgrade of the network's transmission facilities.

    In making the announcement, Cojuangco said that while the specific terms are still being worked out, ABC "welcomes the opportunity to profitably utilize the existing capabilities within our company," and hopes to prove that this will be mutually beneficial to the two companies."

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    by Reggie D. Galura

    We will work harder and smarter and prove that we are better than our competitors – we will be number one.

    Anxiety filled the air on the day the group of businessman Antonio O. Cojuangco assumed ownership and management of Associated Broadcasting Company. As Mr. Cojuangco introduced his new management team to the incumbent officers and managers of the network, we could feel the pervasive sense of uneasiness from the employees. We understood their discomfort. It was perhaps compounded by the uncertainty of their future under the new owners and management. Likewise, the new management was quite apprehensive and somewhat overwhelmed by the significance of the moment. This was a chance to take over the reins of a company that is rich in history and tradition. With this came the daunting challenge to bring the network to new heights and restore the glory it once had.

    The first task that we chose to do was to reassure the network’s employees that their jobs and their future were secure. We made it clear to them that the new owners wanted these employees, many of whom have been part of the organization from the beginning, to be part of ABC’s rebuilding. We said that the new owners will make investments not only in the equipment and infrastructure, but in our people as well. We want to rekindle our people’s passion and get their commitment to meet the challenges facing us. We will build on their strengths and learn from their weaknesses. And so it was under these circumstances that the new owners were welcomed into the ABC organization. All eyes were on us, waiting to see what ABC and AOC (as we have since endearingly called Mr. Cojuangco) will do.

    From the start, there were certain things that would define what we have set out to do. First, we knew that we will have to target the broadest market segment. Second, our product will need to be differentiated from the common fare presently being offered by the other networks. Third, our identity will be anchored on a strong and unbiased news and public affairs operations. Fourth, we will manage our costs and maximize the utilization of our resources. Finally, that we must have fun while doing all of these things.

    It was not too difficult to identify the areas needed to work on right away – building a top-notch organization, improving signal strength, broadening our provincial presence, upgrading equipment and facilities, overhauling our programming content, retraining and retooling our work force. All these would require an initial investment of over one billion pesos.

    We set out to fill gaps in our organizational structure by hiring the best available people. We know that we need to hire highly qualified people. These people will complement our existing management team and serve as our guideposts to help us map out our overall strategic directions.

    We are told that our broadcast signal is relatively weaker compared to the other networks. Since many viewers do not enjoy the luxury of cable television and rely primarily on rabbit antennas or rooftop aerials, we were quickly convinced that improving signal strength and broadcast coverage was to be our priority. Thus we have embarked on an ambitious program to not only upgrade our transmission facilities in Metro Manila but to strengthen and broaden our provincial presence as well. Once completed, we expect to be at par or better than our competitors.

    Perhaps daunted by the big task that lies ahead, we initially positioned ourselves as a “strong third” in the industry. But, emboldened by the tremendous support and vision of the new owners, we have since dared to aim higher. No longer content with aspiring to be an also-run, we set our course to become THE industry leader.

    So it is with this end in sight that we focus all our efforts. We will acquire all the latest state of the art equipment, hire all the best talents and introduce quality and innovative programs that will challenge the “sameness” of the other networks’ offerings. We will set our vision beyond the horizon, keep our ears to the ground and deliver what our viewers and advertising clients desire. We will work harder and smarter and prove that we are better than our competitors. – WE WILL BE NUMBER ONE.


  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    by Roberto V. Barreiro

    The networks are force feeding viewers undistinguishable programs. The same old stuff. Following a conventional schedule. With a rigodon of over-exposed artistas. Saying the same predictable things.

    ABC offers a fresh alternative across the board.

    For the young and youthful crowd who feel the need to rebel against the establishment, ABC is new and on-the-edge, fun and irreverent, vital and action-packed. ABC has attitude.

    For the stay-at-home or stuck-at-home people who are bored with the routine and ordinary, ABC represents delightful variety and unexpected innovation. Out-of-the-box and off-the-wall, ABC brings back Entertainment to televisio

    For the dreamers and achievers, who aspire for better things and better days, ABC is going for quality and excellence—the most interesting, the most engaging, the Best from here and abroad.

    For all those who believe they’re unique, ABC is different, too, like you. [For advertisers and agencies, ABC proposes to deliver a whole new set of eyeballs that haven’t been reached before or often enough]

    Think of us at ABC as your barkada. We won’t be presumptuous and call ourselves your relatives when we know we’re not. Nor will we pretend we have the same heart as you do. (Ano ba talaga ‘yon?) We won’t preach to you or lecture you or obligate you or shed crocodile tears for you. That’s not what friends do. But if you need to take a break, if you want to get out and let go, if you want adventure and maybe a little mischief, if you want to be real for a change, if you want to be with people like you…. your ABC Barkada is here for you.

    We’re not big. We’re a clique, a faction, a tight circle of friends. Pero, hoy, ibahin n’yo ‘to. We’re not weak or helpless. Our barkada is our lifestyle refuge, our home outside the house, our fortress against the attack of the clones. We draw strength from our bonds. We revel in our individuality even as we take pride in this hardy band we belong to. You and us. The ABC Barkada. Dahil Iba Tayo.

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    by Terra J. Daffon






    Four typhoons battered Luzon before 2004 ended causing death, injury, homelessness and billions worth of damage to crops, property and infrastructure. Among the hardest hit areas were the coastal towns of Real and Infanta and the province of Aurora. ABC5 was among the media companies which rose to the challenge of bringing help to the residents of the affected areas. Its Corporate Affairs department organized Operation Tulong Bayan, and with the help of the News & Public Affairs department generated goods and financial assistance from concerned private citizens and the business sector, with the San Miguel Corporation and DPC Directories leading the generous donors. Donations were received at the network’s Quezon City studios.

    The network’s production studios were converted into storage and processing/ packaging assembly lines for the relief goods consisting of clothes, rice, canned goods, milk, medicines, gallons and gallons of distilled water, even candies and toys for children, as the relief sorties happened immediately before and after Christmas. Employees, as well as security and building maintenance personnel readily and happily volunteered for the job, working late into night, even on weekends to get the relief goods individually and strongly packed for the long, arduous journey.

    Volunteers from the network’s various operating departments joined the Corporate Affairs and the News & Public Affairs offices in the relief sorties. Relief teams were sent to Montalban in Rizal, Calumpit, Bulacan and Candaba, Pampanga, which were relatively nearer and easier to negotiate. The more difficult challenge was how to get the relief goods to Quezon and Aurora which were virtually cut off from civilization. A first trip to Real, and then a second trip back to Real and to Infanta in Quezon province. The damage was unbelievable, the journey itself was punishing and life-threatening.The volunteer groups negotiated floods, mudslides, eroded roads and pathways. But the reward was sweet – the look on the faces, especially of children.

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer





    Operation Tulong Bayan made the most challenging sortie to the province of Aurora, passing through the devastated town of San Luis and ending the seventeen journey in Baler. Two SUVs and a humongous truck filled with relief goods started out at daybreak, traveled over inches-thick mud on what passed for roads as they were practically obliterated by landslides, strewn with fallen trees and mountain debris. There were cardiac moments traveling over shaky bridges, knee-deep rivers and negotiating mountaintops flanked by kilometer deep ravines in pitch darkness. Operation Tulong Bayan coordinated with NGOs from Aurora like KABALIKAT.

    In the morning, the volunteers woke up to the beauty of Baler. Before the final distribution of goods, there was time to take a look, just a look, at the beaches of Baler which come in different types - white sand, or smooth round stones speckled with red and elsewhere, beaches with surfing waves or huge boulders. But there was no time to see them all, much less take a plunge. Breakfast was at the seaside driftwood paradise and art studio of a native who had worked in advertising in Manila and elected to settle back in Baler.

    Time to leave the temporary quarters at Oasis, where the NGO members and some residents had gathered, and even posted a thank you sign on the board.

    The volunteer group in a rare moment of rest and a decent meal while OPERATION TULONG BAYAN was in progress. Raring to go on the next mercy mission.

  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer


  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Happy 48th Anniversary sa ABC-5
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Happy 48th Anniversary sa ABC-5 :)
  • japimiljapimil Member PExer
    lol..bibnabayaran ka ba ng abc5??nakakahalta na ako
    ikaw laht ang nagpost sa threads mo
  • adik2haadik2ha TV5: Shake Mo, TV Mo! :) PExer
    Priscilla Meirelles dancing her way to the top


    One beauty queen is dominating the Shall We Dance competition and she is not about to rest on her laurels either. Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles is making waves in Shall We Dance: The Search for 2008 Dancing Queen as she ruled the dance floor for two consecutive Sundays. Last week, however, she shared the dancing queen of the night title with her equally graceful opponent Miss Amazing Philippines 2007 Rianne Barrameda.

    Priscilla knows that the judges and the audience are expecting a lot from her since she is from Brazil, a country noted for its great dancers. “People have this notion that if you’re from Brazil then you’re a good dancer,” notes Priscilla. The Brazilian beauty managed to deliver a very good performance, despite having limited rehearsal schedules, every time she’s on the dance floor.

    Last week, judge Douglas Nierras was so impressed with Priscilla’s performance that he even commented, “very few people can do the batukada and that was one of those.” Priscilla, replied with a smile, “it runs in the blood I guess.”

    Rianne, on the other hand, also nailed her Igorot-inspired salsa number that made her get a high score just like Priscilla. “Tonight, that was the most well-prepared number,” was Nierras’s description of Rianne’s performance.

    Binibining Pilipinas World 2007 Maggie Wilson also impressed the judges with her Bollywood-inspired performance but was only good for the second spot. The judges were all in agreement that Maggie, with a new partner, is improving and she should think about making a career out of dancing as well.

    Binibining Pilipinas International 2007 Nadia Shami who had some hits and misses on the dance floor was the first to be eliminated last week. She admitted that her being a hip-hop dancer didn’t help her stay long in the competition.

    The dance battle royale continues this Sunday as the three remaining beauty queens up the ante and try to wow the judges even more as they inch closer to the finals. According to sources, there will be another beauty queen who will challenge the contestants this Sunday. Who is she and will she be a threat to Priscilla, Rianne and Maggie? Find out all the answers and more in Shall We Dance: The Search for the 2008 Dancing Queen hosted by dance goddess Lucy Torres Gomez this Sunday, 9 p.m. on ABC.

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