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chatter ka b? join #pexers DALnet - try natin kung click

d b bwal to?
join #pexers DALnet ahheheeehehhee.......


  • PinoyExchange has a registered channel in Undernet. That's where the PExers chat. If you wanna chat with the other PExers just go to Undernet and /j #pinoyexchange
  • wow at sino naman po ang founder nitong channel na to sa dalnet..... sabagay ok don may chanserv at nickserv kaya pwede mong iregister ang nick mo kung ayaw mong may ibang gumamit..... :girl:
  • ZenZen PExer
    Guys, we already have an existing channel at Undernet. Why do we need another one at Dalnet? It's not as if we fill up the place. Also, we even warned the owner of #pinoyexchange in Dalnet because it is copyright infringment to use PEx's name without permission; the same goes with your new channel, #pexers.

  • ay sori. pro lang tao sa #pinoyexchange undernet.....even ops wala....c X lng
  • Hey! Ba't ngayon ko lang nalaman 'to? :(
    Pano ba pumunta dun?

    oi vei!
  • Yup...wala ngang tao sa #pinoyexchange undernet kung minsan...but someone (si tr|n|ty ata) said it really gets exciting pag midnight na...and beyhond.

    And I've seen times where there's enough action in the #pinoyexchange channel. :)
  • ive been in both! dalnet and undernet! parehong wlang tao! so whats the use of telling each other na bawal or copyright infringment... eh kung wla nmang katao-tao.. and why naman is it bawal sa dalnet at hdi sa undernet, di ba its the same lang naman???
  • stop being pricks.
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