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Help Me! I'm getting paranoid

For days now, I've been bothered by the thought that I may have cancer.

I'll give you some information, though. Based on my BMI, I can be considered overweight or near obese. I also work online. Historywise, my lolo is currently suffering from prostate cancer. He's 70. My mother has cysts, but I believe they are benign, since they have them for more than 20 years na. If I remember right, her cousin suffered from breast cancer. I am not sure na of our other relatives. Except for my lolo, my other grandparents are still healthy. They are already closing to 70 or more than that age.

I have been feeling pain on my lower left abdomen, but it's not consistent. It also doesn't last for a long time, more like a pinch lang. If I don't eat too much salty food, it doesn't act up.

I can also feel pain in my upper abdomen, but like my lower abdomen, it hasn't put me to tears yet. I also feel pain at my back, though a month ago, my X-ray revealed that my lungs are clear. I suffered from upper respiratory tract infection a week ago, but according to my doctor, my lungs are also clean.

Right now, I feel some pain over my eyes or my fingers and knees, and sometimes I feel sluggish or just tired. I took an ESR test, and it revealed 55. My previous reading was 40. My CBC reported that I have very high neutrophil count: 74. The maximum range is 65 percent. My last month's CBC count had higher eosonophil. Now, it is already normal. All other results in my CBC are within normal range.

My urinalysis revealed a pH of 6.0 and specific gravity of 1.005. RBC/hpf is 0-1 while WBC/hpf is 0-2. Epithelial cells are moderate.

I also visited my OB-gyne, and she told me that my cervix is clear, as well as my abdomen. I also don't have lumps in my breast and armpits. Pap smear result will come next week pa, but I already took one last year, and it came out clear.

I also had TVU, and it just told me the same thing as last year. I have PCOS. Other impressions include normal-size retroverted uterus with a thin and intact endometrium, bilateral multicystic ovary, no adnexal masses seen, and no cul de sac fluid.

Seriously, do I have something to worry about? Should I stop thinking that I could have advanced stage of cancer right now?
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