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surprise, surprise, Heat gets 'Zo tonight.

getsgets PExer
yari... tapos pag healthy na si eddie jones... patay...
MIAMI (AP) -- All-Star center Alonzo Mourning will return to action Tuesday night from a kidney ailment that has sidelined him all season and once threatened to end his career.

Mourning said he will be in the lineup when the Heat play host to the Toronto Raptors. Mourning said he will be monitored closely by doctors, and his return will be on a game-to-game basis.

Mourning said he decided to play after doctors told him that his status might not change for a year.

"I am pleased finally to come to this day," Mourning said at a news conference at AmericanAirlines Arena. "I thought it was going to be later, but God works in mysterious ways."

Heat coach Pat Riley said he was surprised Tuesday when told Mourning could return this season, but always believed he would return eventually.

"I am not shocked by it -- I knew he was going to play again," Riley said.

Mourning's return bolsters the Heat's playoff chances. The team is 42-27 with 13 games left in the regular season and tied for second with New York in the NBA's Atlantic Division, 6 1/2 games behind Philadelphia.

Earlier this month, Riley had said he would put Mourning on the Heat's playoff roster in case he could play when the postseason begins next month.

Mourning, 31 and a five-time All Star, has been sidelined since doctors found during a routine training-camp physical in October that he has focal glomerulosclerosis, an illness that leads to kidney failure in about half the cases. That would have led to Mourning requiring dialysis or a transplant.

Mourning has been taking up to 11 pills a day to treat his kidneys and control his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. He also is following a strict low-sodium diet.

Mourning last played competitively Oct. 1 in the U.S. Olympic team's gold medal victory over France, but has practiced with the Heat in recent weeks. He finished third in voting for the NBA's most valuable player last season, averaging 21.1 points, 9.5 rebounds and 3.7 blocks per game, and was second in the MVP voting in 1998-99.

Riley said Mourning "has raised the level of his competition" in recent days, but he will not play a lot of minutes in his first games.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Riley said.

Mourning said he has not talked to any of his teammates about his return, but said his goal is to help the team win a championship.

"Whatever it takes," he said. "My teammates have done a tremendous job."

Focal glomerulosclerosis is a relatively rare disease that attacks the tiny filters in the kidney that remove waste from the blood, doctors say. Symptoms can include swelling in the legs, as in Mourning's case, and high rates of protein in the urine and high cholesterol in the blood.

The Heat acquired Mourning in November 1995 from the Charlotte Hornets, which drafted him No. 2 overall out of Georgetown in 1992.

im happy for this guy, the heat, and the eastern conference.
at least may magcha-challenge na sa sixers.. hehehe


  • With a shocking move by Zo, the Heat made an instant threat not only to the East but also the West, but we will have to see what the Doctors will have to say after tonights game against T-Raps. It was said that he will undergo a series of test the day after. If and only IF, things turn out good for Alonzo, with more or less eleven games left in the regular season, teams in the East must figure out something different to beat the Heat.

    The question still remains, "can they beat their nemesis (KNICKS) this time?".
  • if Zo gets his groove back, then they are championship contenders. move B. Grant to his preferred PF, and ud get a monster inside presence! and if they have Jones healthy for the playoffs...

    Grant - PF
    Bowen - SF
    Mourning - C
    Jones - SG
    Hardaway - PG

    i prefer Mason to go off the bench kc same style of play halos lahat ng big man nila. Bowen is a food defender pa and he's not expected to produce some offense naman e. that's the job of Zo, Eddie, Timmy, Mason, Majerle, Tony Carter... as for the Knicks beating the Heat, although I am a huge Knicks fan, I don't think that they can beat the Heat IF Jones is in their lineup. with Bruce Bowen, Jones is a very good defender and can shut the slashers of Knicks down.
  • Still, as a result of his court rust, Zo and the Heat still lost to the Raptors today. It'll take a while before Zo gets anywhere near the monster that he has been in previous seasons, and the season has only a month left before the playoffs begin. It's great to see him on the court again of course, The Rock just hopes that he puts his health concerns above anything basketball related.:ahh:
  • j3sj3s PExer
    zo played just 18 mins in their loss to toronto today. he scored 9 pts. and grabbed 7 rebounds. not bad for a guy who just came from injury and did not start the game.
  • I used to openly voice out my hatred for Zo in PEx before, but for obvious reasons, I have turned over a new leaf...I am now officially an Alonzo Mourning fan!
    Pagkita ko sa nba.com na "Surprise!!! Zo to play for Heat tonight!" (or something like that) sobra akong na-excite! Promise. Considering na sobrang hate ko sha before ha...wala lang. Naiyak nga ako nung nalaman ko na bestfriends sila ni Ewing tapos willing si Ewing na ibigay yung kidney niya :( Awwwwww, ang sweet!!!
    Basta I just hope he goes back to form soon. 9 pts 7 rebounds isn't bad at all, considering this is the first time he played a game in months.
  • Yeah 9 pts and 7 rb in 19 mins isnt bad at all considering his condition.

    As for Ewing giving one of his kidney.....baka di magtagal si Zo after the transplant, kasi si ewing mukhang bibigay na yung itsura. I shudder to think what condition his kidneys are hehehe.
  • Originally posted by shark
    As for Ewing giving one of his kidney.....baka di magtagal si Zo after the transplant, kasi si ewing mukhang bibigay na yung itsura. I shudder to think what condition his kidneys are hehehe.

    :lol: bigay mo na rin 'yung tuhod ni Ewing kay Zo para lalong ok! but seriously, bilib ako kay Zo! taking 11 pills a day and living on a low-sodium diet, kapag iisipin mo, siguro parang lantang gulay na ang taong gumagawa nito.
  • Kailangan pa ng adjustments! Matagal-tagal din hindi nga laro si ZO! matagal hindi ng practice! Kung nandiyan na si Jones, tapos healthy na si ZO, Title contender kagad yan!
  • Yan Bumalik na Si Zo may lalaban na sa west sa Finals!!
    Heat Can Beat Any West team!! with Zo Back!!
  • talo nanaman sila kanina against the Bucks ah! 0-2 sila since the return of Alonzo Mourning! Gagaling pa yan for sure! Malakas ang line up nila! Dalawang allstar nasa team!
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