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am extending my sincerest apology to those i offended with my tequilapj comments.

was in a crazy mood when i did that. i was just trying to gauge how people would react to a sick pexer. was just trying the sociological concept of deviance in an intellectual crowd like yours.

thanks to babyfats for trying to be kind to a "sick" pexer. now i know that your crowd is probably a good one. you tried to understand me when everybody was enraged by my unscrupulous trash talk.

am not a bad individual. in fact, am one of you guys who love the movies (foreign or local), who admire the arts, who love to discuss the most trivial of things. am an advocate of relationships, whether cyber or personal. am, too, is an admirer of this exceptional website.

to tequilapj, i may be a necessary evil to make you (and probably others too) realize that you are sensible pexer. my statements about your personality are obviously all false.

now you know that there is no room for ruthless individuals in this site.

i introduced in this site a villain, a not-so-kind, piece- of-crap named salinger. someone who is so unruly that he makes you *****. realizing what i did, i puked too.

my apologies.


the catcher in the rye
(if you're going to read this book by jd salinger, you will understand me a bit more)

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases
to exist.” (Salman Rushdie, quoted in Weekend Guardian, February 10, 1990)

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  • BabyFATSBabyFATS Every Body's Buddy PExer
    Hmmm... why do you have this habit of seemingly posting the right topic in the "wrong" forum? :| No, I think I should correct myself, you did start the bashing here which is probably the reason why you posted this here. But I have to warn you, this might be moved to Small Talk. :D

    I'd just like to comment on some points you made...

    1. I don't know what you mean by "intellectual crowd"... it sounds elitist to me and I'm not elitist. And I think I will have to disagree that all PEXers are "intellectuals". At one point or another, I guess everyone, and I mean everyone has posted something either trivial, impossible or just plain silly.

    2. I don't know either what you mean when you said "your crowd" but I'd like to think I'm part of making it a "good one" like you said. But please don't go thinking I'm a very nice person. I try to be with this nick because this is supposed to be the "real" me, but honestly, I can be just as nasty and bi*chy as anyone else here. When I feel the urge, I use an alternate nick. :evilgrin: Either way, it's still me speaking my mind... and heart. :)

    3. There are a lot of "ruthless individuals" here on PEX. You can always think of them as "ruthless" only because their posts are "nasty". There's always room for them here in PEX... just not room for friendship and acceptance I guess.

    Anyhow, thank you for the apology. It honestly feels nice to be singled out, but I believe no one else really deserves it more than tequilapj. He is considered a dear friend who doesn't deserve any crap... I just did what I had to do.

    Kudos to your courage and humility, salinger! I hope it doesn't stop here.

    Peace! :angel:

  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    Please reroute to this thread, thanks.
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