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Watch out for the Dallas Mavericks!!!

bizzybizzy PExer
china has allowe their superstar center, Wang Zhizhi , to play for the dallas mavericks. this dude is 7'1.. so what would be line-up of D-Mavs??

C-Zhizhi 7'1
PF-Novitzki 7'0
SF-Howard 6'9
SG- Finley 6'6
PG - Nash 6'3

Just imagine if they allow Nowitzki, Bradley and Zhizhi patrolling in the middle. three 7 footers in the middle? now, thats insane.. then there's Finley and Nash who could hit those jumpers.. and same goes for Howard. and oh yeah, Nowitzki is an excellent shooter too. What ya'll think?? This will be a team to watch in the playoffs..


  • Absolutely!

    I don't quite agree though that Wang Zhi Zhi should start. It's crunchtime and the Mavs couldn't afford to experiment if they have to make a strong challenge come playoff time. Wang is a tremendous athlete but has the penchant to commit unnecessary fouls. Pahinog muna sya.
  • hey rock, i had a typo so can u please correct the subject? it should be WATCH OUT FOR THE DALLAS MAVERICKS. thanks!
  • bizzy: Done!

    They sure look like they're going to be intimidating with all that height. The problem is, how long will it take for Wang Zhi Zhi to adjust to the NBA game? It took Stojakovic and Nowitzki a little over a year, so Wang might be a threat only by next year, not necessarily in this year's playoffs. If the Mavs can keep the nucleus of their team intact, and cuban can stop getting onto the court and meddling with officials:D, they've got as good a shot as any team out West.:ahh:
  • ...hmmm...masyado pang bata si Wang....mahihirapan pa yang makipagbanggaan sa NBA....1 yr. or 2 pa siguro ang bubunuin nya....pero kung maaga shang makakapagadjust....aba eh....talagang kaabangabang ang MAVS next year.....

  • thanks rock! but he's presence will surely give some more intimdation in the middle. hehehe, sana wag lang syang maging kagaya ni bradley na palaging nabibigyan ng facial ng mga players. hehehe...
  • and here's another new. they just beat the utah jazz and the portland trail blazers. i cant wait to see how they're gonna play against the lakers this friday. does anyone know their record against another top team in the west, the san antonio spurs?
  • Dang, if they keep on playing like this, they will have to play either the Lakers or Portland in the playoffs. Stay at #6 pls. Utah is a much easier proposition than those two.

    Then again, if the Mavs continue to win, they could go as high as #3 and with Donyell Marshall's game missing (he peaked too soon), the Jazz could tumble to #6. Hehehe wishful thinking.

    The Mavs are 1-2 against the Spurs this season (although they won 3-1 last season)
  • C-Zhizhi 7'1
    PF-Novitzki 7'0
    SF-Howard 6'9
    SG- Finley 6'6
    PG - Nash 6'3
    ang lupit ng Line up nila!! pang Championship na!!

    ZHizhi 7'1 lang ba??
  • oo nga no! they have a chance to become the number three seed in the West. but will it matter? the Playoffs is a whole new ballgame...
  • Playoff seeding is quite important. As I said earlier, if the playoffs were to start today, Dallas would be #5 and that means a date with the #4 Lakers which they haven't beaten this year. If they hold on to #6, they will face Utah which they've beaten twice (at Utah) this season. Even if the Mavs go to #3 (and the homecourt advantage), their chances will depend on who's going to be the #6 team, Portland (which they have beaten twice this year), Utah and L.A. These results will still have an impact even if all teams start from scratch.
  • Nagulat ako a couple of months ago at nakita ko na seeded pala sila. Buti naman 'no...it's about time. Ang tagal-tagal na nila naghahanap ng magandang combination of players. They found a gem in Michael Finley...they shouldn't EVER let him go.
    Katuwa pa kasi guys like Mark Bryant & Vernon Maxwell have been there FOREVER. LITERAL. Something like 10 years na ata or more pa.
    I've always liked the Mavs, since nung time na andon pa sina Kidd at pinagawayan pa nila si Toni Braxton. :lol:

    This team's got both heart & talent...that's a deadly combination!

    They beat the Blazers kanina...kakabilib! (but then again, it seems like everyone's been beating the Blazers lately...what the hell's the matter with them?!)

    Evil the Weasle ever ano ba record ng Blazers-Mavs?? Kasi pareho silang 5th at the moment...
  • Wang Zhi-zhi I think is 7-3 or 7-4! Siguro lang ha! He shoots threes diba?? grabe talaga mga chinese!
  • Ang laki ng iimprove ng dallas pag maglalaro na si Zhi zhi can play inside and Outside WOW namna!!
  • Xiaoyu, they have identical record (46-25) but the Mavs have a better conference record so they are technically 5th. Their head to head battle is dead even (Portland winning the 1st and 3rd meeting and Dallas winning the other two).

    I've seen Wang Zhi Zhi play during the Olympics and for a 7'1 guy, he plays like a Karl Malone. His only problem (and i've been raving on about this) is that he commits stupid fouls, has the tendency to force issues (like Patrimonio) and can sometimes be lazy on defence. Then again, that's the Olympics and the NBA is an entirely different arena. Dallas assistant Kiki Vandeweghe will oversee his training and if they were able to mould a seemingly uninterested Dirk Nowitzki into what he is now, they can do the same to Wang.
  • today's Mavs is a big improvement from the days of Rolando Blackman and Derek Harper. :D
  • Indeed. Unfortunately, today's Mavs will be hard pressed to emulate the achievements of yesterday's Mavs. The Western Conference of those years was so L.A Lakers dominated that even with an inferior lineup (as compared to today's Finley/Nowitzki/Nash/Howard combo), the Mavs still managed to reach the Western Conference finals. And if it weren't for one distraction called Roy Tarpley, who knows where they might have headed.

    Today's Mavs will be lucky to get past the first round of the playoffs.
  • Yeah, The Rock remembers those Mavs of James Donaldson, Mark Aguirre, Rolando Blackman, Derek Harper, Uwe Blab, Sam Perkins, and the druggie known as Roy Tarpley.:rolleyes: Didn't this guy make a couple of comebacks before finally fizzling out a few years ago?
  • Grabe I heard sa Fox sports news he can already play as early as april 5! Lakas ng Mavs! This will end their drought for not making the playoffs for so many years!
  • swerti naman ni steve nash at michael finley... nasa dallas na sila ngayon... tignan nyo naman kasi ang phoenix suns, medyo wala na...
  • Wang Zhi-Zhi won't be much of a factor, first he doesn't have the NBA bulk like the others, so he can not bang bodies with the Big Boys such as Shaq, Malone and the others, just look at Bradley, he ain't ****! If he has the agility like Nowitzki then most of them in the West are in deep funk.

    I am more interested with the coming of YAO MING, another Chinese player who will be included in the draft next season. This YAO MING has the frame to play for the NBA, he is also a BANGER like the other Power Forwards and Centers.

    I just hope he doesn't end up playing for a sucky team.

    The other player to watch is MIKE DUNLEAVY JR., he has the complete package, he will end up in the lottery if they win the National Title this year.

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