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First, Second and Third NBA teamers?

First team:

F: Chris Webber
F: Kevin Garnett
C: Shaquille O'Neal
G: Allen Iverson
G: Jason Kidd

Second Team

F: Tim Duncan
F: Vince Carter
C: David Robinson
G: Kobe Bryant
G: Gary Payton

Third Team

F: Antonio McDyess
F: Dirk Nowitzki
C: Dikembe Mutombo
G: Tracy McGrady
G: Jerry Stackhouse


  • I guess we can vote for these na because 1 month na lang for this season, diba? Oh, I'll pick these guys:

    First team:
    Shaquille O'Neal
    Chris Webber
    Kevin Garnett
    Allen Iverson
    Kobe Bryant

    Second team:
    Dikembe Mutombo
    Tim Duncan
    Vince Carter
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Jason Kidd

    Third team:
    David Robinson
    Karl Malone
    Antonio McDyess
    Tracy McGrady
    Gary Payton

    I hope they end up with the real awards!:)
  • Ay oo nga pala si Malone nga pala!
  • First Team
    C - Shaq
    F - Duncan
    F - Webber
    G - Iverson
    G - Kobe

    Second Team
    C - David Robinson
    F - Garnett
    F - Carter
    G - Kidd
    G - Mcgrady

    Third Team
    C - Mutombo
    F - Karl Malone
    F - Glenn Robinson
    G - Payton
    G - Stackhouse
  • 1st team
    - O' Neil
    - Duncan
    - Webber
    - Bryant
    - Iverson

    2nd team
    - Robinson
    - Malone
    - Garnett
    - McGrady
    - Kidd

    3rd team
    - Mutombo
    - Nowitzki
    - McDyess
    - Stackhouse
    - Payton

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