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Pwede ba GODIVA ASTRINGENT for leg scars?

katulad nung isa kong post, what about godiva astringent? i know pang face lang siya. pero pwede ba siyang ipahid din sa ibang parts ng body? kasi may scars ako sa knees & thigh. basta sa lower part. so ayun, pwede ba siya? 'di kaya masusunog skin ko?

eto yung pictures.


  • hi, I just purchased godiva whitening pack yesterday. The promo girl who assisted me said that will work on leg scars kasi I also haev scars sa legs that I got from biking when I was a kid. I'll try it first and then I let you know. I dont use it in the morning, astringent ** kasi , just to be safe. If you plan to use it in the morning, just apply sunblock dun sa area n pinahiran mo ng astringent.
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