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Help! Wanna donate comics


My house was flooded over the weekend. Much of my comics collection was damaged/drenched. :mecry:

Been thinking for a while now about donating most of them to a charity or library, mainly for space reasons. The flood just further pushed me to give 'em up sooner rather than later.

Nothing really of great value - a lotta of 90's Marvel and DC stuff.

Any suggestions where I can give 'em? :confused:

Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post. Thanks!


  • Give them to me...hahahahahaha..kidding aside.! but you know pwede mo mabenta yan sa komikon.:)
  • Donate them here:

    Information Gateway is hosting a charity ukay-ukay for victims of Ondoy!

    Help us out by donating clothes, accessories, shoes, books, comic books etc. We'll resell your goods and use 200% of the proceeds to buy relief goods for Ondoy victims. Or come buy!

    Ondoy victims get 200% of sales because iG will MATCH every peso you spend!

  • As of this morning, over P40,000 of COMIC BOOKS sold (each going for P50 only). With IG's matching contributions, that's over P80,000 from comic books alone.

    Yes, ganun karami comics namin dito. And two more boxes just arrived today!

    Bili na, and help the Ondoy victims!
  • Damn, I totally missed this. Sorry. :(

    Is there any other charity or library I can donate the comics?

    Here's the catch, though: Most of them (round 70% or more) are drenched. As in, wet (and smelly) and need to be dried. If someone has the patience to do it...

    On the positive side, I'm giving away my whole collection (probably round 500, more or less), with a wide variety (DC, Marvel, Indie, you name it). I just wanna off-load them.

    If anyone can please recommend a charity or library, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks!
  • i have a suggestion, you can sell your collection for charity. you can find an event that will host your charity sale.

    *edit - oops may nag suggest na pala sa taas, sorry did not read the replies before posting ;p
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