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Maiba naman. Meron bang interested pumunta ng Africa? Aside from Egypt, what countries/cities in Africa do you plan/recommend to visit? Hopefully yung safe and malaria-free. hehehehe. Anyone had experienced doing an African Safari? Share naman... :)


  • dryicedryice Member
    We have been planning to visit South Africa in 2010. I hope we could push that through. There's Kruger Safari near Mozambique border and ZImbabwe. Pero dapat via tours yan eh. I think even if you wanted to do-it-yourself, you still have to contact a local travel agency in Johannesburg to bring you there.

    A colleague of mine however told me that ZAF is not a safe country. They still have a xenophobic tendencies to attack. Kaya its much better to have someone with you... para pag inattack kayo... meron kang pansangga at makatakbo ka pa! ehehehe :lol:
  • running_katrunning_kat start slow...finish strong PExer
    me! safari adventure at Ngorongoro Crater in of my bucket list.
  • how about morocco? its still africa and then its near europe pa :D
  • wanderer9020wanderer9020 Not all who wander are lost ✭✭✭
    how about morocco? its still africa and then its near europe pa :D

    nakaEurope na , Naka Africa pa, at saka parang may konting Middle East :D:D:D
  • danaszobdanaszob Member PExer
    hey, does anyone here know....

    - how can i get visa? and requirements? perhaps a link to the site pls?
    - what are the best places to see in Cape Town & Jo'burg?
    - how long to u advice to stay in Cape Town? how abt in Jo'burg?
    - what is the cheapest airline going to CPT from MNL?
    - lastly, do i need to get special vaccine shot prior to going there?

    great thanks in advance!
  • danaszobdanaszob Member PExer
    i heard morocco is nice! why not di ba, it's very near in Spain.
  • greyluckgreyluck Member PExer
    Gusto ko din Morroco and i heard hindi na kelangan to apply visa ng Pinoy sa Morroco. I'm not really sure about that. Infairness sa mga morrocan ang gaganda ng mukha nila. Wala pa yata ako nakita na babeng morrocan na di maganda, kaparehas sila ng mga babeng Lebanese magaganda ang mukha plus mala Beyonce na hips. :)
  • danaszobdanaszob Member PExer
    greyluck wrote: »
    Gusto ko din Morroco and i heard hindi na kelangan to apply visa ng Pinoy sa Morroco. I'm not really sure about that. Infairness sa mga morrocan ang gaganda ng mukha nila. Wala pa yata ako nakita na babeng morrocan na di maganda, kaparehas sila ng mga babeng Lebanese magaganda ang mukha plus mala Beyonce na hips. :)

    i know we dont need a visa, isn't wonderful!!! :)
  • p@cm@niac[email protected]@niac Banned by Admin PExer
    yes maganda sa marrakech. it's like a page off an arabian nights tale!

    pero casablanca is ugly. parang escolta. tangiers is even worse. and beware! not being racist or what... pero ito na yata ang bansang pinamumugaran ng mga magna cum laude sa europa!
  • wanderer9020wanderer9020 Not all who wander are lost ✭✭✭
    Just arrived today from an amazing 8 days Kenya Wildlife Camping Safari through the grandeur of the world famous Masai Mara National Park,6 hours from Nairobi. It was the best trip of my life I must admit.Africa food is thebest. I will definitely come back again,this time to Tanzania. I will post some of the most amazing pics I ever had,like a lion afternoon meal with a zebra,or the 5 lions sharing a buffalo just 100 meters from our safari truck, not scary though but indeed it was a dream come true , and its not in a zoo.It was the best.

    I didnt knowthat i willlove Africa and have met plenty of new friends.Im already missing it. I am still on the road, so willpost thepictures later.Im excited on sharing it but didnt bring my laptop.
  • eww14eww14 Member PExer
    ^ WOW... pa share naman ng itenerary mo pagbalik mo at budget... we are also planning to go to Tanzania next year, gusto namin akyatin yung Kilimanjaro bago pa matunaw yung Ice Caps :lol:

    So far initial check, $2000+ ticket pa lang :(

    * BTW... you're SG based right? Wanna know what airline you took... TIA
  • DJQuimbyDJQuimby Town Mayor PExer
    I did a 4 day Safari and stayed at Kapama River Lodge in Kruger National Park it was spectacular! 2 game drives per day which was more than enough to see the big 5.

    The closest airport to Kapama River Lodge is Hoedspruit Airport which is a 45 min plane ride from Joburg.

    Now that's what I call an awesome vacation!
  • nina9702nina9702 just wandering PExer
    Got back from Morocco last week. Tama nga sabi nila, mix ng Africa, Europe and Middle East! Kakaiba ang landscape, may dagat, may disyerto, may mountains (at may snow!). It's not as expensive to travel within the country, ang pamatay lang yung airfare, specially kung galing ka sa Asia.
  • granslime_28granslime_28 sightseeing global wonders
    up for this thread :)

    so far, ang nabibisita ko pa lang in African continent was Egypt last Oct. 2012...
    fearless solo trip Eid Season :)


    hopefully, moving forward to other countries this 2014 :)
  • starbuko_dudestarbuko_dude wanderjon ✭✭
    I am planning to backpack in Africa for 6-7 months from June this year. Might start in Morocco and move eastward to Libya then on to Sudan, passing by the plateau regions of Kenya and Tanzania, and end in South Africa. At some point I will fly west to visit a few countries hugging the Gulf of Guinea. I’ve been to Egypt and will likely skip it if I can find flights from Libya to Sudan. Will do everything overland if budget and time permits.

    Some of the activities I am planning to do and places I would include in my itinerary are;
    1. Explore Sahara Desert in Morocco
    2. Roman Ruins of Leptis Magna in Libya
    3. Explore the underground churches of Ethiopia; foremost is the church in Lalibela
    4. Volunteer in a local community for a few weeks
    5. Join a few marathon training session at some training camp in the Rift Valley or some high-altitude training centres in Kenya
    6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (the highest mountain in Africa)
    7. Join an overland safari trip either in Tanzania or Kenya
    8. Victoria Falls in the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe
    9. Okavango Delta in Botswana
    10. Hike the Table Mountain in Cape Town

    I would appreciate inputs, tips, travel stories of those who have explored sections of Africa or has visited some countries there.
  • swit_thngswit_thng Member PExer
    Go hike the Table Mountain! It is one the new 7wonders of nature. It took us about 3-4hours to reach the summit. Super init ng araw pero super sarap ng feeling after. The view is breathtaking. I have some photos kaso nasa camera ko pa. I only have photos of the penguins when we visited the boulder beach and the cheetahs in safar. Will upload in a while.
  • swit_thngswit_thng Member PExer
    As promised yesterday, here are some of my photos during my Cape Town visit






    I was able to see 4 out of 5 of the Big 5 of Africa. Sayang :lol:
  • starbuko_dudestarbuko_dude wanderjon ✭✭
    thanks for sharing these pics swit_thng. btw, how did you get to south africa?
  • granslime_28granslime_28 sightseeing global wonders
    I'm planning on July 2014 for less than a month in Southeastern part (yung mga VOA area lang)... :)

    African Countries where Filipino's are visa on arrival

    Sa mga nakapunta na, how did you get your vaccination and what were those?
  • swit_thngswit_thng Member PExer
    Pure luck lang kaya nakapunta ng SA. Business travel.
    Via SQ kami, layover in SG then Joburg then finally to Cape Town.
    Toxic lang pag-aapply ng visa. Took us 1 month! To think na business travel ang purpose namin dun, ang daming hinihingi tapos pabalik-balik yung mga requirements.
    Pero all worth it. Ganda ng Cape Town:love:

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