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Surprises in this year's Oscar winners......

cool_jlcool_jl Member Clay Court Specialist
I think the best supporting actress must be given to Kate Hudson. Everybody thinks she'll win. I thought that her strongest competitor was her fellow Co-star Frances in ALmost Famous. Plus the fact that she's also Hollywood's sweetheart. (Just like Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie)

I thought si Ang Lee na naman mananalo, but i really wanted Steven Soderbergh to win, kaya nga lang sabi nila before madidivide yung votes for him, bcoz his up for 2 Oscars. Pero for me, he deserves to win for traffic, kasi mukha talagang maganda yung pagkadirect sa kanya (kahit hindi ko pa talaga napapanood).

Another surprise for me was Rusell Crowe, i thought Tom Hanks will have his 3rd Oscar. Alam ko talaga it's a battle between the two, but character-wise mas effective si Tom Hanks. But when Sgt. Bilko made a joke about the kidnapping issue on Rusell Crowe, i think it was already a clue that Rusell Crowe will win.

Another surprise for me was Gladiator, at first it was my bet for the best pic. But when the major awards like best supp. actor, screenplay and directing was awarded to Traffic i thought it would bag the best picture.

Well, masusurprise talaga ko if Julia Roberts didn't won. I think all the fans and Hollywood itself would be upset if she didn't turned out as the winner.

Anyway medyo off-topic but Julia Roberts is really Hollywood's sweetheart, isn't she so sweet and lovely in her dress and in her speech. Her huge smile really makes the people fall in love with her. Magkano na kaya talent fee nya per movie: from 20M$ i guess dadagdagan pa ito.


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