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Thesis Topics (IT)

need help! please give me suggestions about IT thesis topics thanks!


  • How about doing a study on the effects of IT in traditional Mass Communication media such as radio and TV in the Philippines? If you want something more geeky, how about a study on JPEG2000 algorithm and its effects to the Web?
  • hello... im a 4th year IT student... and im currently looking for some good Information Technology related thesis ideas...

    do you have anything in mind?.. hihi... hope that you can help me... gonna w8 for some replies... sana naman meron... :mecry:
  • curious...what skul?
  • nwebhost wrote:
    curious...what skul?

    UST po....
  • WAAA!!! ano ba magandang Thesis??? help naman!!!!

    kahit anong system pa yan, pakipost naman dito!!!
    wag lang robotics!!!
  • try mu po ung system like reservation seats like in greenbelt cinemas.. syempre meron ung server... la lang... hope it helps you a little... ;)
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    IT robotics? ang layo naman ata nun.

    pagkaalam ko dapat system for an enterprise/business dapat kung IT.
  • Create a "Sales Force Automation" system for Distributors (e.g. Unilever products, San Miguel products, etc) with extranet, wifi, and mobile phone/PDA access that may or may not use RFID.

    Maybe you can even sell that system after you graduate and make that your business. :D
  • ^^ meron kameng bagong software.. you may want to try it..

    message mo na lang ako! oki?
  • commoner wrote:
    IT robotics? ang layo naman ata nun.

    pagkaalam ko dapat system for an enterprise/business dapat kung IT.

    Kahit anong automatic!!! IT UN!!!
  • commonercommoner Honorary Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    xxintxx wrote:
    Kahit anong automatic!!! IT UN!!!

    baka sa school niyo yun ang turo, sa amin hindi.

    mas tama naman kasi ang usage ng school namin sa term na IT, which SHOULD be distinguished from hardware like robotics.

    which conforms to this...
    "Information Technology (IT) is a broad subject concerned with the use of technology in managing and processing information, especially in large organizations.

    In particular, IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information. For that reason, computer professionals are often called IT specialists or Business Process Consultants, and the division of a company or university that deals with software technology is often called the IT department. Other names for the latter are information services (IS) or management information services (MIS), managed service providers (MSP)."


    The Information Technology (IT) department manages the technology and computer infrastructure that drives an organization's business systems. The IT department is also known as Management Information Systems (MIS or IS) department.



    (Information Technology) Processing information by computer. IT is an umbrella term for the entire computer industry and its latest moniker, which took hold in the 1990s. It actually took 40 years before the industry settled on what to call itself. First it was "electronic data processing" (EDP), which was followed by "management information systems" (MIS) and then "information systems" (IS).

  • make improvements to the linux kernel
  • pahingi naman po ng suggestions kung ano magandang thesis proposal. sobrang kinakabahan po ako, pahirapan po sa thesis title.

    patulong naman po kung ano maganda gawin...please po

  • please leave a suggestion.. i need help po.. kahit ano po n maisip nyo n gusto nyo magawa sa computer nyo.. sofware, hardware, application... from dat bka makakuha po ako ng idea.
  • anjhae_xorldaneanjhae_xorldane PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ako din po pengeng suggestion ohh~ :( :( :(
  • bagong bago.

    sales and inventory system for <company name>.

  • Artificial Intelligence so good, its going to make machines enslave humanity. Hehe
  • Open source framework for massively multiplayer online RPGs.
  • A study about the effects of DOTA on the high-school students of, (example lang 'to huh?) St. Mary Magdalene School, Kawit, Cavite.
  • sherzel018 wrote: »
    A study about the effects of DOTA on the high-school students of, (example lang 'to huh?) St. Mary Magdalene School, Kawit, Cavite.

    hindi to pang IT thesis hija, pwede tong pang english research study. (EN113-research and technical writing, sa amin)

    afaik, yung thesis niyo, once na defend pwede mo na gawin yung proposed system then another defense na naman. hindi ko lang alam kung paano yung sa ibang school.

    pero hindi pang IT major talaga yan sa pagkakaalam ko.
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