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Wanted: Colossus for X-Men Group Cosplay

hi there, not sure if y'all know what cosplay means. It stands for costume roleplay fyi, which is more about taking pictures at a convention. We cosplayed as the X-Men on Sept 13th and it was fun. Now we're reassembling the team and adding up to 7 members, one of which we'd like to be Colossus.

Sorry kung under sa Body and Fitness tung thread ko :lol:, i just thought na mas maraming body-type ni Colossus dito. Preferably more than 5'7" in height. Hindi naman kelangan may abs dahil tago naman yon hehe, ideal kung muscular ang arms. Hindi kelangan good-looking, not at all, cuz hindi naman yon pagmomodel or pagaartista haha :lol:

- in this pic, not necessarily ganito ang costume since maraming costumes si Colossus pero ganyan ang classic costume nia. if you're shy na trunks/briefs lang, pwede namang metallic na tela ang gamitin parang pants. if not, if you've got it then flaunt it lol :)

We were just strangers to each other when I came up with the idea of forming an X-Men group para sa Cosplay Mania event so no worries, we're friendly hehe :)

feel free to ask questions. tell me if you're interested, better yet PM me. if you've a friend who's interested and fits for the character, tell me. salamat :)



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