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CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
One sweet month...

If you are given one month to know someone well, what will you do? Go out on a date? Go to a theme park? Watch a movie? Go to the beach? Talk on the phone every single day?

Follow up question: Do you think you will end up falling in love with that person, if you will be given one month to get to know him/her? Why or why not?

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  • i'd surprise the person with simple things everyday and find out what he really cooking for him, doing simple things like giving him stuff, bringing him to places like tagaytay or somewhere.'s possible to fall for the person since i will be spending everyday with him and sometimes the feeling just grows on you :*)
  • jayceejaycee Member PExer
    One month?
    I'll go out on a date with him. In this way, I would be able to enjoy his company at the same time talk about anything under the sun. This will also give us a chance to know each other well.

    Fall in love in a month?
    At this point in my life I believe in almost anything. Falling in love is such an intense feeling that you'll know when it's there. If we clicked and I feel comfortable with him, I might fall in love.
  • timmons24timmons24 Member PExer
    well i think we will be going to a beach i think its more relaxing to talk in a beach, diba. para when i ask something to her she can easliy relate it to me.

    falling inlove ???
    well thats a big question, maybe yes and maybe not. but if the person is good maybe i will , mahuhulog siguro yung loob ko. if the person has a good traits and quality maybe.
  • YoBoYYoBoY ayun PExer
    I'll try to spend as much time as possible with her. I'll talk to her on the phone everyday, if possible. Anything's ok - I'd like to try out different things with her - going to a movie, malling, gimmick at night, KTV even!

    I think it's possible for me to fall in love with her as long as I feel that I know her well already. It will really depend on how we got to know each other, on how open we were to each other during the given month.
  • AnaelaAnaela Member PExer
    One sweet month...

    If you are given one month to know someone well, what will you do? Go out on a date? Go to a theme park? Watch a movie? Go to the beach? Talk on the phone every single day?

    Follow up question: Do you think you will end up falling in love with that person, if you will be given one month to get to know him/her? Why or why not?

    If i will given one month to know someone well, i will go to a them park from there i will be able to talk to him personally and at the same time i will be able to know him very well.
    for the follow up question, I think i will be falling in love with him if we have the same vibes, i enjoy talking to to him, and i can see and feel the respect for the one month of getting to know with him. But if that will be the opposite of what i have said, i think i will not be falling in love with him.
  • klimtsklimts DNxTymIFall PExer
    if i will be given a month to get to know a person, i think i'll invite him to do things that i love to do..for example, i would invite him to go fishing, or caving. i could also invite him whenever i have chorale practices, parang nahaharana ko na rin siya! :girl: in this way, i'll know how he reacts to things i like. then, i'll give him a chance to make me do things that he loves doing.. parang give and take. kasi through this, nakikilala na namin ang isa't-isa.

    then, i'll talk to him every chance i have para nalalaman ko yung thoughts niya. what a person is inside is very important to me kaya i'll make sure that we're able to talk everytime.

    is it possible for me to fall in love with him in a month? yes, i definitely think that it is possible. wala namang time limit na binibigay ang love sa tao e. i guess if you're both true to yourselves and you're sure of what you feel, love will have all the reasons to come to your life!

  • VioletJerseyVioletJersey Fire & Ice PExer
    One month is indeed such a short time but if i were to spend it w/ someone whom i know is the one i could spend forever with, i would take his hand and show him my life. i would bring him to the places and introduce him to people whom my life evolves - school, work, family, friends and most especially... my heart. Then, i would let him guide me to his life and see if our worlds could definitely collide and make a difference not only in our lives but also with the people around us. It could be by just talking abt our favorite stuffs, walking hand-in-hand by a sandy beach or a noisy corridor in the mall, or just by saying "hello" and "goodbye" to make our day perfect... every act is something that could brighten our lives... but if you want it to be specific - on the very first day, i would ask him out for coffee and just talk... abt ANYTHING!!! after a couple of weeks of getting to know each other and being a part of each other's lives, then i would take his hand, bring him to CCP where the "breakwater" wall is... and point to him the sky and the ocean and tell him how the clouds, the people passing by,the waves and the sun setting right before us changed the way i think about life and love. And to end it, i would whisper to him "thank you for letting this magical day be perfect for me to remember my whole lifetime." i would then lie on his shoulder and let the evening sky consume the moment for the 2 of us...

    Is it possible to fall in love in a month??? most definitely!?! love is not about time or distance... it's about making life just perfect enough to change the way you feel about the world, yourself and the one you love! Just like what Billy whispered to Ally before he "left" - it's stronger than death...

  • star*xstar*x Member PExer
    I'd want to spend every single day of that month with that guy. We'd go out on dates to places where we'd be able to talk and get to know each other really well.

    I think a month is sufficient enough to know the most basic things you'd want to know about a guy, especially someone who you'd really like to get to know really well. If I were able to maximize my use of that single month to find out everything and anything I'd care to know about that guy, I don't see why I wouldn't end up falling in love with him. Anything can happen in a month, and given that, I just think it's possible for me to fall for the guy.
  • dArKaNgeL #1dArKaNgeL #1 Member PExer
    like that song goes: it's not how long but how well two people actually loved each other....

    if i were given a month to spend with one person i'd just sit with him side by side and just be there...or perhaps do simple things like watch the sunset or laugh at ourselves at one time or another...or enjoy those things he wants to enjoy because that's how (i think) i'd get to know 'him' better...i would want to spend some of our time just sitting around and not saying anything at all (you say it best when you say nothing at all), it's like you just listen with the ear of your heart (sentimental :D) because as they say, the heart whispers so we have to listen carefully, or just look into his eyes and see the depth of his soul, funny as it may seem, it's the the simple things that matter, actually it's ok for me to just eat 'taho' every morning just as long as i have someone to eat it's good to have someone around, even a stranger...(just as long as he doesn't intend to do something bad...:))

    like one saying goes, "love works in mysterious ways..." and a month can be possible to fall in love with someone...time is not actually important....i can fall in love with a person in a month without having to spend every day with him...what more spending every single minute of a month with him by my side...

    what's important is that i learn to let myself free and let that person into my life...a month can make a difference in my least that's what i think...:D

    sometimes love just passes us by without us even knowing that it already did...i wouldn't regret a month that i spent with a stranger because maybe...just might decide to pass by during that sweet november...:D
  • TraumaticGurlTraumaticGurl Member PExer
    If I'll be given a month to know someone very well, I think I'll spend everyday with him, that is if time permits. It is possible that both of us have other things to attend to so, i guess, I'll spend time with him as often as we can. 1.) Talk on the phone overnight, 2.) Spend time with his family, 3.) Cook lunch or dinner-together- if he doesn-t know how, then I'll teach him, I'll make him interested. 4.) Bake goodies for him, like his favorite cake and pastries too. 5.) We'll have our photosticker(Neoprints) shot everytime we are together. and finally 6.) I'll try to be into his hobby, whatever that is...karting, wall-climbing..whatever. Sinking into his very heart, finding out why he loves everthing about the hobby.

    Ending Up together, it is possible.
    Love is always surprising. Love can make things work between the two of us. I wouldn't enjoy hanging out with someone not interesting and I guess, he cannot tolerate it too if I stick with him for a month - having no interest.
    That one particular month can be the best ever month for the both of us and yet it can be the worst of its kind.
    One month can be very long, so many things can happen and like many relationships-it started with "seeing the other more often than expected and essential." Which results to exposition of one's personality and being.
  • 1717 Member PExer
    if i were given one month to know a person well, i would spend time with him while sitting in the couch, watching tv and laughing our hearts out. it's that simple. laughter brings people together and it is also one great way of knowing what the other person is really like. i would look into his eyes and see if his laughter is sincere.
    love grows... but sometimes, it just happens. it doesnt take a month for you to know if you love a person. sometimes, one look and you'd know you're meant to spend the rest of your life with him.
  • BabyFATSBabyFATS Every Body's Buddy PExer
    If I were given one month to know a person (a guy) well, I'd probably choose to live with him along with some other friends in a beachfront condo that's close to town, sort of like The Real World (?) on MTV. I would do this because I believe you can only know what a person is really like if you live with him. And what better way to live with anyone than in a house that's near everything. :)

    Depending now on what I discover about him when I live with him, I may or may not end up falling for this person. If we click, then most likely I will. :love:
  • crispypatacrispypata Sobrang Lutong! PExer
    If I will be given the chance to know a woman for one month I would probably spend it in the kitchen.

    We will cook together, share each others recipes and eat (ourselves hahaha "joke") together. Because thru food, you will know the innersoul of a person.

    Food is life, and I would like to know if I can share that life with her...

    Oo ma-iinlove ako sa kanya kung type nya ang Pata-Tim, karekare, crispypata at Red Ice tea sa Tokyo Tokyo... yum Yum!

  • blue17blue17 Blue Palito PExer
    one month?


    first two weeks, outdoor lagi.
    watch a movie, kain sa labas, billiards, arcade etc.

    last 3 weeks, indoor na. ;)
    i mean, it's time for him to feel at ease with my family.
    hahayaan ko silang maging close.
    ako rin, sana makilala ko family nya.
    kung me piyesta or bday sa kanila, sama ako!

    are we gonna fall in love?
    what's important is that i've shared a month with one special person. :p
  • kryxkryx Dagger in your Mind PExer
    I would spend my time finding out his habits (good and bad) --- which means not only talking but watching and being with him, and give him the same chance to see me in my worst :evilgrin: --- which can be best done if we spend part of the month in his home, part of the month in mine. Spending time with him and helping with chores, or basically how he goes through his day if that's possible. Then spend the rest of the evening relaxing or have any other activity (doesn't matter exactly what) for recreation as long as it's spontanous, connecting and fun! :D

    If in that short span of time I decide he has made me so happy than in any other instance in my life --- I could fall in love with that person in a moment, not necessarily needing a whole month. One never knows. My question is, however...Will I be willing to spend the rest of my life with that person or not? And my answer (if your question leads to that) is I would if I believe I need him and I will be forever happy with him...:love:
  • superallensuperallen SUPERmember PExer
    I'll try to spend every day with that person doing the usual things... that way, he'll be comfortable with who i really am. no pretenses whatsoever.

    i think it's high possible for me to fall in love with him, especially if he proves to be a very interesting person.
  • pretty_babypretty_baby Member PExer
    if i were given a month to get to know somone i would spend it doing different activities with him everyday. we could watch a movie, go to the beach, go bar hopping and explore the things we enjoy doing. i'll make sure we'll have time to talk about the things we enjoy doing, about our pasts both good and bad, about our dreams for the future and goals or just about anything....i want us to get to know each other more thru our ideals, our views, our beliefs. i think thru communicating constantly, we can really get into someone else's mind and get to evaluate his character and values as well.

    there may be a possibility that i would fall for him in a month. it could also be possible that i would fall for him in a week, i guess what really matters for me is that i see in him the things that i really admire in a man and if i'm sure that i really know him inside and out and still feel good about what i'm know.
  • lentilenti by the sea PExer
    ...if i were to spend one month with someone special, i'll take her to my house to meet my parents and my other siblings. so that she will know who i really am, i will show her my room and my very own library of poetry books. i will read to her my favorite poems and show her my picture album of all the places i've been to and the things that i have done. on one rainy day, we will cuddle up in bed as i play my favorite CD's of Sting, Indigo Girls and Kenny G. i will write to her my thoughts and the stories of my life in my own stationary. and when ever she is hungry, i will cook for her my favorite dishes and bake little chocolate cakes and desserts for her. at the end of the month i will thank her for making this the best month of my life and make love to her as if there was no tomorrow.

    ...and when all is said and done, after one month, i will as her to marry me because i will be going back abroad and wont be able to see her for another year or three. if you think all of this is just mu fancy, ask my girlfriend, this happens to be our very own love story.
    We'll take a one month vacation to Boracay or any other secluded island, just the two of us, that way we'll surely get to know each other very well because nobody knows us there, we'll depend on each other for every move we're about to take....

    As for falling in love in just one month, it will depend on the result of the getting to know you stage, but I'm sure anything can happen, we could end up falling in love or just being friends. There are a lot of people who fall in love in less than one month, there are those who took years to fall in love with someone they know, So I guess it depends on the person...
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiTwAgKaNgMaKuLiT Unregistered PExer

    if i was given a chance to know someone really well we'd probably spend our time at places where we could really talk... kahit na hde na kami umalis ng bahay, basta we were able to communicate.

    fall in love? well there'sa a possiblity... we can never tell right?



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