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I hate Nipa Hut!!!

Don't ever eat in Nipa Hut!! it's the restaurant near Valle Verde Country Club and Ultra.

where can you find a restaurant without a manager at 8 in the evening???????

the thing is we waited for the manager till 830 pathetic!!!

there was a cockroach in their food and they just cancelled the order, and billed us...we wanted to walk out na nga and not pay for the food eh kasi hindi nanaman namin nagalaw the other food we just started with the chicken!!!!!!

it never happened to us before siyempre we didn't know what
to do. We just increased the volume of our voices to get attention butthen eventually we paid for the food. hay i feel stupid. hay.

I hope that this thread reaches a lot of people. am really angry :angry:

maybe you guys have other experiences which you want to share....


  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    That's pretty bad. Times like this, judgment should be made based on the situation. Since you haven't touched the other food, except for the one with the cockroach (eewww), then you should not have been billed.

    Are you sure the manager wasn't there? Maybe he/she was just hiding so that he/she wouldn't have to face you guys? It's easier for the waiters to say that "hindi mo namin madedesisyunan yan" etc. You shouldn't have accepted that even if they cried in front of you. You should have gotten the names and the waiters, the manager, and the number of the place.

    You know, come to think of it, even if you touched your other orders (which you didn't), you should not have been billed at all. I know two friends who had similar experiences and everything they ordered was free.
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I must confess that last year me and my friends went to eat there and we didn't pay!!! :lol::lol::lol:

    Well it's like this, we ordered sisig and it was so terrible. It didn't even taste like sisig. :grrr: After eating we asked for the bill, 15 minutes later still no bill. Then we called the same waiter for the bill again and another 15 minutes later wala pa ring bill. So tinawag na namin yung ibang waiter for the bill at wala pa ring bill na dinala. :rolleyes:

    We asked for the bill 3 times and we got no bill. So we stood up and walked out without paying. No one even stoped us. It seems that one can easily walk out without paying there. :lol:

    I'm never going back to that place. The food is so terrible and so is their service. My friends and I do not even feel an ounce of remorse for not paying that bill.

    Yech! :angry:
  • Caramba...there was no manager!!!!!!!!:grrr: pathetic tlaga.

    Iceburn, sisig tlaga niya super skanky...i like their chicharon bulaklak haha. yun lang...dapat yata we didn't pay talaga eh. as in...

  • I ate there a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, they can fix the quality of food they serve since they have a great view during dinner.

    I didn't like their sisig (too wet) and their tuna belly (too hard) and their prices are higher than other similar places like Gerry's and Crocodile Grill.

  • A-ha! Another great restaurant falls victim again to crass commercialization. Success has finally gone to thir heads.

    This place used to be great. I used to eat (and drink) there with my friends after exam week back in college and, as a working man, when I used to work in the area. It was so popular, the place would already be packed by 8 in the evening. Perhaps they think na, since they're so popular already, they can go lax on their service and people will still go and patronize them.

    As for the view, yeah, some areas of the place offer a good spot while those by the left side give you a good view of the back of a row of townhouses near the place. I definitely wouldn't want to live there, not when there's a leering group of people with their collectively drunk *****$e$ staring into my bedroom window.


  • RöttenMindRöttenMind PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    so wut happened?

    ano sabi nung manager? palitan na lang yung order? (now with 2 yummy cockroaches!)

    yay, why nyo binayaran? grabe naman.. sana niiwan nyo na lang..

    sometimes malinis pa sa mga turo-turo..

  • hat_tr1ck

    actually personally think the reason why they became lax is because they know that are no other restaurants near that area anymore and a lot of people who work near that area directly go to nipa hut na talaga.


    there was no manager! yun yung super bad thing. there was no manager at 8 pm.

    wala talagang kwenta.
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