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Love overrides all, but how about in the long run?

B?t41?B?t41? Banned by Admin PExer
Love can overrides imperfections, repulsive, and loathed conditions of both partner, like non-virgins for women as to bad face for men etc..But how about in the long run? is it permanent?

Example #1:
The Non-virgin women can experience the excitement and fulfillment of their own condition because of men chasing them, falling in love with them and then after the love has gone, the man comes back into his rational mind and realize that the non-virgin women that he has, is no longer a good deal for him.

Example #2:
The Ugly looking guy can experience the feelings of triumph and fulfillment about young, beautiful, and sexy women besides him because women fall in love with him. But after the love is gone, the woman comes back into her rational mind and realize that the ugly man that she has, is no longer a good deal for her.

In a nutshell, It all boils down to "Materialism"

Where do we go from that? What will be our basis of relationship if love is temporary? Do we have to be materialistic in choosing a mate? Or do we have to be Shallow?


  • kreukkreuk amishuuu PExer
    totoy... if you choose to be shallow then you will witness a lot more of the "good/carnal things" fade away.

    women sag.
    men grow balder and
    even uglier with beer bellies.
    even good looking men become bald and ugly
    do u really think it's only the women who GROW old?
    men too grow old...
    even women do not like promiscuous men.

    to sum it up....... (kahit wala pa talaga akong nasasabi)... "what is essential is invisible to the naked eye".

    nagfafade na ba love mo kay meanne3210?:glee:
  • Lucid IntervalLucid Interval Having a blonde moment PExer
    ^^ Nagbreak na sila sa kabilang thread kreukie. Nagtithreaten na nga yong gurl na ikakalat ang pics nya eh.:naughty:
  • ~Imburnal~Imburnal Banned by Admin PExer
  • YhanzkyYhanzky Banned by Admin PExer
    ina up ang sariling thread

    Wagi ka totoy :love:
  • ~Imburnal~Imburnal Banned by Admin PExer
    ^^ Gusto ko kasing mabasa yan ng BF mo or nang mapapangasawa mo sa future....
  • ...wakaranai...wakaranai nerd ~o-o~ PExer
    wala na bang bago? :rolleyes:
  • NilsNils Hunter ✭✭✭
    ^lol... kaya nga imburnal ang utak eh... nilulumot na... wala kasing tubig na dumadaloy, stagnant...
  • sabaytanggalsabaytanggal Banned by Admin PExer
    Up para makita ng BF ni Yhanzky..
  • YhanzkyYhanzky Banned by Admin PExer
    O.o at sino naman kanya yan BF na yan :lol:
  • sabaytanggalsabaytanggal Banned by Admin PExer
    Up, para makita ng BF ni java_chiq
  • Bakla.Bakla. Banned by Admin PExer
    wala na bang bago? :rolleyes:

    Sagutin mo kasi ang then we will let the ball rolling

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