My new bf's ex is still pursuing him >:-/

am in a new relationship. his ex and him broke up around May this year. however, she still contacts him, gives him gifts/tokens and invites him to go on trips with her (the latest was she invited him to go to Japan a few weeks ago but he declined because we were already together then). :grrr::rolleyes:

i hate to admit it, but his ex his getting on my nerves already. how do i "draw the line" without sounding insecure or needy or clingy? i am glad that my new bf somehow keeps her at arm's length, but she keeps pursuing him. what do i do about this? :grrr:*peace*


  • topel_samatopel_sama Member PExer
    tagal na neto ah... hihihihihihiihiihihihi
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier Your Personal Jesus PEx Rookie ⭐
    Well just don't point the finger to your bf, he seem like doing the right thing avoiding her, don't get all over his face about it. Talk to him what you feel, but don't give him the sermon. He can't do anything about it but be faithful to you.

    If you want to confront the girl, then next time she calls answer the phone and see what she says. Try to stay civil.

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