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[V][V] Member PExer
Hi! Any info on this cute guy who is part of ANC's Breakfast and Gear Guide of that show in STudio 23? I really like the way he talks. Hindi lang siya cute face may ibubuga rin siya! Common post na!


  • Noel VeraNoel Vera Film critic PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Huh? I know him. Nice guy. He'll be interviewing me (anyway, I think it'll be him) on Friday, March 30 at around 8 to 9 am in the morning for the Breakfast show re: the recent Oscars.
  • skirTskirT -=[eGypTiAn]=- PExer
    hmm. he's my brother. =) and its gonzalez by the way. =)
  • MikoidMikoid Administrator PExer
    JC and I used to be best buds as kids. My parents and JC's were really close.

    I'm quite proud of what he's managed to do in a scant two years after college. His interview skills have really improved of late.
  • shibby_gurlshibby_gurl Member PExer
    pls palagay nmn ng picture ni jc gonzalez tnx!
  • [V][V] Member PExer
    Okay Gonzalez. Grabe dami palang nagpopost dito sa Movies and TV ano. Nasa Second Page kaagad ang thread ko...

    The first time I saw JC was in a close-Up commercial waaaaayy back. Long hair pa siya non.

    Noel if you see him on Friday tell him god bless... :inluv:

    Oo nga picture naman
  • angstangst Member PExer
    He graduated AB Comm (Batch 99) from Ateneo.
  • [V][V] Member PExer
    Hmp. birthday man lang? O kay Girlfriend
  • sparkplugsparkplug Member PExer
    he graduated at the Ateneo de Manila, batch '99. articulate in class.

    he lives in ayala alabang. has a girlfriend who lives in paranaque

    he's a commercial model, was a sportscaster for uaap at silverstar sports, now with anc
  • crispypatacrispypata Sobrang Lutong! PExer
    grabe [V] 115 ang tumingin pero 9 pa lang nag-popost. Wawa naman.... desperdao kasi ano! :lol:
  • jayloejayloe Member PExer
    ana kalaw is the girlfriend
    graduated din from ateneo
  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    naging classmate ko siya in college. he seemed carefree but responsible naman.
  • [V][V] Member PExer
    Originally posted by jayloe
    ana kalaw is the girlfriend
    graduated din from ateneo

    Well okay he has a grilfriend.

    Fine by me... Well since ganun... :( Ah... Im kinda.... not feeling well... :(

    Magaling pa rin siya...

    Huhuntingin ko na lang siya sa Ayala Alabang... :grrr:

    Keep on posting pa rin... :cool:
  • mytyragirlmytyragirl Live Life Simply ! PExer
    I think he is one of the more articulate hosts of the Morning Shows that we have... obviously Breakfast caters to the AB crowd and he fits the role as Host perfectly
  • crispypatacrispypata Sobrang Lutong! PExer
    I agree. He's really bright and talks with sense, unlike that co-Lasallian of mine now in a morning show (Not Ryan A.) hay nakuh.

    Dapat ang pinipilit ng mga TV Executives na mag-host eh itong mga katulad ni JC Gonzalez. May itsura na may ibubuga pa.

    Lets not invest on looks alone.

  • sabotahesabotahe veteran PExer

    you guys live in ayala alabang na?! and you never told me?! oh baka misinformed lang talaga yung nag post nun?
  • skirTskirT -=[eGypTiAn]=- PExer
    sabotahe: no, we still live in paranaque! alabang, i'd tell you naman no. =)
    yes ana is his girlfriend, and yes breakfast caters to the AB class. sana nga ilipat na siya ng ABS to channel 2 main eh. wow so many people interested in my bro. i feel so proud. =)
  • [V][V] Member PExer
    Wait gulo nyo ha. Ayala Alabang, Para?aque?

    How come he's not the gear guide anymore in Digital Tour?

    I kinda not make tulog early just to see him, then he's wala there.


  • signumfideisignumfidei Member PExer
    I saw him sa Keep on Dancing doing what else? Singing. Joke

    Well he's good. Sana bigyan sya ng show ng ABS CBN sa TV mismo at hindi sa ANC lang. He's a cool intelligent face. I'd prefer him over Ryan Agoncillo.
  • He's gay daw according to reliable sources :(
  • [V][V] Member PExer
    Okay ka lang. Ikaw na naman nangugulo dyan. That's not true.

    May girlfriend nga daw eh.

    Basta alam ko he's good and cute and straight!

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