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EXPERIENCiNG BACKACHE/BACKPAIN? Share your experience and recommend solutions here!

I am a bank officer and my job would normally requires long hours of sitting in front of the computer.
After so long, ive been having lower back pain. When, I consulted it with my orthopedic doctor. She said im having lumbo-sacral strain.

Any solution for low back pain?


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    Resting is the best solution for your problem or start strengthening your lower back .
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    Back pain is so general that it will be hard to give specific recommendations. To help you:

    1) Make sure your chair has enough support.
    2) Ensure that you are upright and don't slouch.
    3) Ensure that your lower back/upper butt area is against the back rest, leaving no space in between.
    4) Go do some stretches every so often.
    5) Walk around once in a while.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    add to that... this is a sign that you also need to start having a more active and healthy lifestyle
  • Thanks to your advice, gentlemen!

    Im thinking of doing pilates or yoga, do u think that would help?
    I read it can relieve back pains.
  • Yes sis, both or either will benefit you greatly. I've read Pilates, since it strengthens your core (trunk) will help lower back pain. At this point any physical activity you choose to do will help.

    It's recommended you stand and do general stretching every hour, like at the top of every hour, a brief 5 minutes at a time to unkink you will do. Check the internet out for these basic stretches.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    I'd say pilates/yoga along with some resistance training
  • rocketgirl wrote: »
    I am a bank officer and my job would normally requires long hours of sitting in front of the computer.
    After so long, ive been having lower back pain. When, I consulted it with my orthopedic doctor. She said im having lumbo-sacral strain.

    Any solution for low back pain?

    ask for a better chair, or at least have one brought to your place. seriously, do it. exercise and stretching can help, but you need to remove the source of the problem.

    of course, figuring out how you sit when you work is the first step - maybe you can fix it with some special cushioning or something.
  • Through prolonged inactivity your body becomes misaligned. Muscles have memory and hold on to misalignment, which results in compensated movement. Compensated movement means that one muscle is doing the work of another muscle. As a result a certain muscle or muscle group becomes overworked and this will obviously result in pain. The only solution to the problem is by reeducating the body.
  • always make sure that your back is straight......its not just chest out, butt out ha...

    you have to feel that your upper body is pulling away from your lower body......sounds hard pero this is the correct way to do it.....by doing this you are equally distributing your weight through your whole body.......yung pain kasi sa lower back is yung impact ng weight ng upper body....

    I used to teach and dance semi-pro of ballet and that is our technique.....that's why dancer looks as if they feather weight lang sila......equally distributed and weight so they can move lightly
  • proper posture...
  • these are good suggestions, nice to find serious people here in the forums!

    might as well start doing yoga classes or pilates, any suggestions?
  • Strong back muscles are critical to your health and vitality. Those are the muscles responsible for spinal stabilization and support kettlebells are very fun and a great tool to create a pain free back. kettlebell training involves much bending engaging all back muscles and more.
  • meron akong herniated disc which i suffered for years and had its excruciating toll that lasted for almost a year, nagpatheraphy ako and they teach me Mckenzie exercises which consists of back stretchings and abdominal exercises. it helped me a lot. may ab braise din ako dati.
    if you are into workouts and exercises it will be best to choose exercises that strengthens your core. if you plan to enroll to a gym dont forget to tell the instructor of your condition before they give you a program..,
  • Apart from those suggestions made by other posters, i would like to share with you that when I had the same experience before, my chiro suggested swimming. It really worked, and still works because everytime I feel the slightest hint of any backpain, I would hit the pool and swim a few laps...

    According to my chiro, it is because your body is in a perfect alignment when you are in water. Hope this helps.

    Another thing that I try to avoid is sleeping on a very very soft mattress!!! yes, it is not good (as per my experience) and I have discovered it better to sleep on the floor.

    Diet also is another culprit. Too much salt intake is anot good. And, oh yes, another culprit is softdrinks - - - as in soda!!!
  • Hey Rocketgirl,

    Tell us. How is your back doing? Did you try any of the tips posted by the members here? Would be nice to hear some success stories:)
  • TS: adding to all the suggestions above, I read and heard that MBTs, (these are shoes) will improve posture, tone your legs even helps with back pain. Skechers have their own version of this shoe (Shape Ups ata ang name nila). I have tried them sa store and it feels like walking on sand and you are forced to stand up straight. :)
  • Thanks for posting your recommended solutions and sharing your own experiences here.

    Im still saving up to enroll myself in any yoga/pilates classes, I will keep this thread going and updated as i go over those sessions.

    Meanwhile, a light back excersise, as suggested here, gives short-term relief. Hopefully, the yoga/pilates can provide a more permanent one.
  • How about saving up for a Kettlebell instead?
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Rookie ⭐
    Try to rest it, get a new chair, use icy hot, try to stretch out every hour or so, some Ibuprofen...

    but long term i think to help your spine you need to work your core (abdominals) and your lower back. the more support you have of your muscles, the less your back and your ligaments have to work to support long hours sitting down try finding a better posture as well.
  • How about saving up for a Kettlebell instead?

    Hi life balance, what is a kettleball? How much?

    I am so tamad kasi to do all those stuff, i'd rather have a trainor who can teach me proper back excercises. Besides, there's more motivation if I do it with others inside a studio or some sort.
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