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Help: Admission In University Of The Philippines

I just need your help guys in here. All the information you will give in here will be a huge help. Here are my questions:

1. Anong buwan kailangan magpasa ng application sa UP?
2. Anong buwan madalas nagsisimula ang entrance examination sa UP?
3. Anong tawag sa entrance examination sa UP?
4. Ano yung average score na kailangan para makapasa sa entrance examination sa UP?
5. Sa anong buwan naman malalaman ng nag-entrance examination sa UP ang resulta ng nakuha niya sa exam?
6. Ano naman ang tawag sa entrance examination sa La Salle, Ateneo, at UST?
7. Kung ikaw ay nasa ibang university at gustong magtransfer sa UP, may posibilidad ba na puwede ka pa ring tanggapin sa UP?
8. Kung ikaw ay Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or With Honors ay may ibibigay ba sa iyong incentives or special offers ang UP?

I hope someone will response. I will definitely appreciate it.


  • glenskieglenskie Member ✭✭
    1. deadline usually falls around june.
    2. august, first week.
    3. upcat.
    4. there is no cut-off score. the test scores are ranked, and the top something are accepted.
    5. february.
    6. dlsucet, acet, ustet
    7. yes, after you complete 30 units ata or roughly one year. the grade requirements are far more stringent when you intend to transfer from other schools.
    8. no, i don't think so. :)
  • I need more answers. I hope someone will reply.
  • luna_cyro16luna_cyro16 Member PExer
    why do you need more answers? if you don't mind me asking..

    and it's "respond", not "response"..sorry OC lang..

    1. UP releases forms as early as the last week of April or during May. It really depends on the Office of Admissions. Deadline is during June.
    2. August.
    3. UPCAT
    4. The average between your UPCAT scores and your high school grades is weighed. THe passing score depends on which campus you are applying for. Manila has the highest, Diliman has the second highest, and so on.
    5. Either January or February
    7. Yes, after you finish 30 units (or 1 year) and you pass the entrance requirements in the degree program of your choice.
    8. None, although if you are in the Top 10 of your graduating batch, you may be excused from paying your entrace test fee.

    For more information, visit It's actually for the UPCAT administered last August but the Information Bulletin is the same every year.
  • gwapingzzzgwapingzzz Member PExer
    1. nagsisimula ng may at natatapos ng july.
    2. 2 days lang yun, first weekends ng august
    3. UPCAT
    4. depende sa campus at depende sa college nung campus.
    5. dati feb, ngayon natatapos na sila ng january
    7.yah. ang alam ko atleast 33 units, atleast 1.75 ang GWA. tapos depende pa rin sa college na lilipatan.
    8. hindi mo kailangang magbayad ng UPCAT fee :lol:

    waw. parang facebook survey lang :lol:
  • 1. agahan mo. Around July. depende kung kaya ibigay ng high school mo yung needed reqts
    2. first weekend of august
    3. UPCAT
    4. iba iba, this is usally not published. kasi kahit pasado ka pero mas maraming mas mataas ang score sa yo delikado ka
    5. results are posted earliest January pa lang
    7. yes, iba iba requirements per college, per department
    8. wala. Siguro kung mag varsity ka, pwede pa
  • boy_wonderboy_wonder Magaring na Supelhelo PExer
    Aw, andami na palang nag-response. :lol:

    Good luck na lang. :D
  • gwapingzzzgwapingzzz Member PExer
    ^yah. pero magkakaiba naman ng sagot :lol:
  • ^Ay, oo nga ***, respond dapat hindi response. Hehe.
  • ^Ay, oo nga ***, respond dapat hindi response. Hehe.
  • pwede pa po bang magpasa ng application form?!!
  • wala na bang ibang chance para makapag exam?! :(
  • nVIInVII Member
    ^ unfortunately, wala na. The only other thing that you can do is to attend another college, get above-average grades, and shift after a year. The shifting process is tough, so be ready.

    Tanong: bakit di ka nakapaagpasa?

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