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Mischa Burton(The O.C.)*okay*

Corbin Bleu(Highschool Musical trilogy)

Sara Paxton(Aquamarine)



  • it premiered yesterday... i was honestly surprised how good the story is besides the fact that there are a lot of good looking people in the show. Plus it reminded me how pretty Mischa Burton is.
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Watched the first few minutes on Youtube and indeed, it has a promising premise. Might finish watching later today. My thoughts:

    1. Since I was not that into The OC and the whole Marissa Cooper thing, I'll ignore the fact that many people thinks Mischa is a bad actress with diva-like behavior (not counting she being an obsessive ex-GF who tried to kill Jessica Stroup in "Homecoming").

    2. Mischa seems to be a perfect actress to play a diva supermodel with a hidden past she plans to bury from her mind using pills.

    3. The two leading characters, the Iowa guy, Chris, and the "Break-a-leg" girl have some chemistry together.

    4. Haven't seen Corbin Bleu's character yet but I'll see if he could shed his HSM image with his take on an ex-child model trying to venture to new things while finding the financial means to achieve them.
  • ^^
    1. she was really good nung 1st season of The O.C. however from the start of 2nd season, things went on a downward spiral as rumors started to spread about her being a diva on set kaya aun pinatay siya sha sa 3rd season.

    2. i agree, the character was like created for Mischa.

    3. ang pretty nung female lead(Raina), super payat nga lang... well what do you expect from models...heheeheh

    4. i must say personally, next to Mischa's character(Sonia), Corbin's character is the next interesting character in the show. he impressed me with his acting. definitely an upgrade from his HSM days

    i think this show has more potential than Melrose Place 2.0*okay*
  • bluesky_luisbluesky_luis your romeo in waiting PExer
    sarah paxton looks gorgeous on this show... si chris may hawig kay kris allen hehe...

    the pilot looks promising, i never thought mischa could be a love to watch.. the casting is pretty good...

    am expecting more on the next episodes...

    i think this would be a hit... this might be the next gossip girl...
  • mikomousemikomouse Member PExer
    Micha Barton is still good. Pilot wasn't that bad, actually had me hooked the whole hour. *okay*
  • BengtBengt Member PExer
    I was so excited about this show for ages and its really great that its free on the iTunes store.. (Pilot that is, I hope the whole season is free).

    I love the Pilot, its really interesting, like I wanna know them more.. Everyone looks gorgeous, especially Raina and Cole (they both look like real-life working models) but I'm not warming up with Corbin Bleu.. He's still HSM-y, maybe because he looks the same as how he looked in HSM, he should have changed his hair or something... can't wait for episode 2..
  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente PExer
    Aquamarine and the HSM who skips rope and whatever else FTW! :lol:
  • martin_gorgeousmartin_gorgeous That's What She Said PExer

    The Beautiful Life premiere this past Wednesday night and it went head to head with new episode Glee and America's Got Talent Season finale. It did really poor in ratings, the show only brought 1.5 million viewers to their premiere episode. The show gotta do better than that or it will be canceled soon.Meanwhile, Glee took in 6.6 million viewers for their new episode this past Wednesday. Glee seems like its doing well and it will probably get better every week. Finally America's Got Talent got 15.5 million viewers to watch their season finale where Shakira, Susan Boyle, Rascal Flatts, and Leona Lewis took the stage to perform and who was crown as the winner of the show. So far for the CW, the only show that is giving them ratings and money is Vampire Diaries. Guess Vampires are hot right now. Well, other channels will be premiering their fall lineup shows next week, so let's see how they do in the ratings compare to CW worst Fall premiere ratings ever.
  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente PExer
    love that fact that aquamarine is front and center! :love:
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    BY CW standards, they consider 1.5 million viewers as mediocre and needs room for improvement. "Hit" status is at 2 million above and those who deemed to be "safe for renewal" usually have 2.3 million+

    Strong line-up ng CW this season in terms of quality of stories but let's face it, it's hard to make a dent in the ratings game and most of their hit shows are carry-overs from the WB (OTH, SPN and SV)and UPN (ANTM). But at this time where shows are being watched through TiVO, DVR and Youtube, networks must no longer rely solely on the number of people who watch their programs live in the Nielsen ratings.
  • bluesky_luisbluesky_luis your romeo in waiting PExer
    i think they should move the show on a different slot since rival shows are better but am not saying this show is no good, i actually liked it and i would be sad if the ratings won't change that would lead to cancellation.
  • Considering how great the cast (Sara Paxton - one of my favorite actresses ever) and the pilot (watched the first episode and I like it a lot) I think it will be cancelled or will at least just stay for one season considering how low the ratings are for the Pilot..
  • mikomousemikomouse Member PExer
    i think they should move the show on a different slot since rival shows are better but am not saying this show is no good, i actually liked it and i would be sad if the ratings won't change that would lead to cancellation.

    Yeah I agree. Its against Glee and we all know they pull a lot of viewers.
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Why do they keep on naming their pilot episodes as just "Pilot"? Walang kadating-dating tuloy. Buti when 90210 started, may name na nakassign sa first epi nila. Melrose 2.0 repeated history when they titled their pilot after the original's first episode, "Pilot".

    My thoughts on the first episode:
    1. Indeed, bagay talaga kay Mischa ang role ng diva-esque model na si Sonja.
    2. Farmer Boy Chris is the next Dan Humphrey
    3. Reina (Sara Paxton) looks so innocent and naive.
    4. Corbin's playing himself on that role of his if you notice: former child model trying to break into unfamiliar territory but he can't seem to break free from the bondage.
    5. The pilot was good over-all, The CW just need to make their 2-hour primetime block a must watch so at least they could attract more viewers.
  • Aizen-SamaAizen-Sama Glee+Greek+24+Fringe+9021 0+ PExer
    The show's pilot also got me hooked the whole time. I even like this better than Vampire Diaries. Is Sonja on her way down already and Raina on her way to top? I hope they play that arc well.
  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente PExer
    Yung the O.C. ang title ng Pilot nila "Premiere." :p

    I :heart: Paxton!
  • Aizen-SamaAizen-Sama Glee+Greek+24+Fringe+9021 0+ PExer
    ^^^ Same here. She has such a sweet face. But she does look a lot like Rory Gilmore (Alexis Blendel) only blonde.
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yung the O.C. ang title ng Pilot nila "Premiere." :p

    I :heart: Paxton!

    I heart her too.

    OT: Speaking of Pilot titles, Friends has theirs titled as "The First One" (Final episode was the opposite, "The Last One"), BH90210 "The Class of Beverly Hills" which was the show's originally intended title and its sister show 90210 "We're Not in Kansas Anymore".
  • XerophytesXerophytes bones. fringe. flashforward PExer
    Watched the pilot.

    Boring. Not interesting.
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The CW announced today that it was pulling The Beautiful Life starring Mischa Barton off the schedule and that production would cease immediately. The drama about New York models became the first cancellation of the 2009-10 season, no thanks to dismal ratings after two weeks. Last week’s episode lost roughly 60 percent of its America’s Next Top Model lead-in.

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