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Online Dating Sites: White Male and Asian Female

Is it just me or is it any asian dating site i've been into are just full of girls interested in White men. These girls seem to look down on Filipinos too claiming we're just players, etc. etc.

To think white men are all almost old, had wives, had divorces, and had children. And now the Filipino man is judged for abuse and playing? Linalahat pa.

I even have a foreigner friend whose already 45 and have a very nice family in Taiwan and just found out that he's literally living on the dating site early morning to midnight posing as single and almost every girl goes openly toward him. Pag pinoy, barado kagad.

I am obviously a Filipino, better yet, another representative of the Asian Male population whose heavily stereotyped negatively and put down by their fellow Asian counterparts.

I was just looking for an online dating site where I can do so with Asian women. But everytime one puts up it gets flooded with these white men and I don't know what to call these women now. (I don't want to cause a flame war here). Online dating is a growing phenomenon worldwide pa naman.


  • deadfishswimdeadfishswim sookiesnacks PExer
    Online dating...hmmm I've tried it but I had no luck.Some women found their luck there and got married already.I'm not interested with white men though I still prefer Asian men. Is there such thing as a "decent online dating" site? If you know some let me know too...
  • Yeah, let me know about some online dating sites, please.
  • FdeklerFdekler PExer
    edited August 2019
    I would not recommend Tinder and similar applications either. It's a waste of time. You will not find a person there, this is just entertainment. To find a man or woman, you can try https://www.loveaholics.com/ at least there are real profiles and I did not find fakes.
  • gooseberrygooseberry very loosey 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    Only people who have strong minds get ahead of the crowd. If you think it's for you, then go for it. 

    Eh, most of the time people are looking for sex- fun times, not relationships. Go die and wilt if you still live in with an old age value. I mean it can be god but definitely not for me. 
  • Filipina women love white men
  • ach_chooach_choo Repent you savages! Repent! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Filipino men don't need bait, hook, line and sinker. They're swimming alongside Pinays. There a problem?
  • Online dating I've tried it but I had no luck. Some found their luck there and got married already. I'm not interested in white men though I still prefer Asian men. Is there such thing as a "decent online dating" site? If you know some let me know too.

  • I know the answer. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, increase your chances of finding love by joining web dating today. They could help With your extensive experience, sites can help you find someone who you’re truly compatible with. They could help us how to build an attractive profile, give the tips on writing the first message to someone new and even helps to prepare for that all important first date. 

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