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There is a big interest in hcg diet.Some questions are required:
* Do you eat well and exercise and wonder why you still don't lose weight?
* Would quick results help you stay motivated to get your extra weight off?
* Do you have a few extra pounds you would be happier without?
* Are you grossly overweight and wonder if there is anything that can help you?

Whether you are several pounds overweight or trying to lose that last five pounds, it is sometimes hard to know where to start. Most diets either restrict your calorie intake drastically or require a time-consuming exercise program. This leaves you constantly hungry or worn out. By losing weight at a slower, steadier pace, however, you are more likely to stay on point and keep the weight off. By making your goal to lose one pound a week, you will slowly change your eating habits and activity level at a pace you can live with for a lifetime.

You must burn 3500 calories to lose a pound. That sounds like a lot of calories. But if you break it down in seven days - one week - that is only 500 less calories each day. If you add exercise you can cut your calorie intake by 300 calories and burn off 200 calories. Cutting out 500 calories (or less) per day from your diet can be as simple as trading in your regular soda for diet soda, downsizing each meal by one-fourth, or cutting out unnecessary foods such as candy bars or alcoholic beverages. One candy bar can have 260 calories in it! If you eliminate that every day you are half-way there.


  • You get to choose your own food for dinner.

    You can modify any meal or snack by clicking on the individual menu listing and making a new selection from the drop-down menu that appears in the box. You can also toggle between the Week One and Week Two menu plans. You can easily email or print your plan or send it to a friend, if you so desire. You're also given the option of printing a coupon for Special K2O Protein Water. You also get special motivating diet tips for each day of the week.

    If you don't like the The Special K Diet Challenge Plan that you've been given, you can easily reset your challenge and start all over again! Okay, that's the basics of the Special K Diet Challenge Plan. But does it really work? And is it healthy?

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