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What do women like to hear when they're very sad?

Mga Pexers! humihingi po ako ng tulong.

I'm writing a story for a certain literary competition. Here's the scene, we're at the movies, she's lonely, and she tells me that she saw her bf with someone else. now i try to comfort her by hugging her but i find it a necessity to say something. here's the part

"Karen: He told me h-he was s-sick and...and...he couldn't go with me t-today then...then...(she broke down again, at this rate, we may have to leave the theater soon. Too much ruckus. Thank God we're pretty far from the other movie goers) I saw him with someone else! and...and...(She really broke down, at this point I just had to let her know that she's not alone...but how?!)"


basically, kung anu yung gustong marinig ng babae para gumaan naman ang loob nya.


  • darmonxdarmonx PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    More back story please.

    Ano ka? Girl or guy? friend o manliligaw o kamag anak o random stranger?

    Every scenario becomes different depending on the role of the players.
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