Strange interview with Abe King!!!

Jenle890Jenle890 Member PExer

Does anybody know why Abe King acted like that?????

I don't understand it!


  • booksalebooksale Member ✭✭✭
    parkinson's has set in.
  • hala... ano nangyari sa kanya.
  • baludoybaludoy Nag me-meron ✭✭✭✭
    king was never known for his eloquence kaya sana binigyan man lang ng take 2 ng tv crew para naman ma-compose niya sarili niya at na-isip niya kung ano man gusto niya ipahiwatig. nawalan tuloy ng dignidad iyong ex-pba enforcer :rolleyes:
  • mjdec_11mjdec_11 Member PExer
    during his prime, abe king was the charles barkley of the league, decent offensive player, terrific defensive player and monster rebounder. I aint a toyota fan, infact i am a die hard crispa fan, but appreciated what he can do on the court, forget the off the court melees he was involved with
  • tito423tito423 Member PExer
    Well, there must be so many things going thru his mind kaya ganun nangyari, halo halo nasa isip niya, but during his heyday, kumekero talaga yan si Abe King, hilig magpatawa sa court, para sa kin King should be nominated sa Top 25 Greats instead of Manny Paner, siguro dahil sa off and on court melees niya kaya di siya napili.

    King is number 5 tied with naturalized player Chip Engelland sa highest points made by a local

    Allan Caidic - 79
    Paul Alvarez - 71
    Allan Caidic - 68
    Danny Florencio - 64
    Bogs Adornado - 64
    Abe King - 60
    Chip Engelland - 60

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