Comiket 76, who participated?

booksalebooksale Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
any stories you'd like to share? photos?


  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    how can we go when we're stuck in the motherland with no budget... :(
  • ViperXtremeViperXtreme Time fades even legend... PExer
    well, a fellow deviantart member (on whom i borrowed the yoshi as a girl concept and made it into a dojin) i know went there, and participated (sold dojins) here's his' story:
  • jeremyvjeremyv Tambay ng Taguig PExer
    Let's see.

    a. Going to Japan = lotsa mullah

    b. Living in Japan for a few days + transpo = additional mullah

    c. buying doujins and stuff = hardcore mullah

    d. Going back to the Philippines = more mullah

    e.1. explaining to the customs official that your doujins are source materials for a study on sexploitation on the paper medium = no cost depende sa galing mo magbluff.
    e.2. explaining to the customs official that your erotic pvc's are for gifts to your nephews = asa!
    e.3. explaining to the customs official that your guro doujins are the works of a future National Artist such as Caparas in the making = Priceless.

    Seriously, your friend must reside in Japan to be able to join the Comiket section.

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