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WANTED: Directions to Sonia's Secret Garden

My friend and I are planning to go but we're clueless on how to get there! I will appreciate if anybody could provide directions to the place. One more thing - could you make Makati as the starting point? Thanks!


  • Before you go there, you have make a reservation first. The place is small which is why they accept a limited number of people only. You can contact them at 0917-5329097. You can ask for directions, and how much it would cost. I don't remember but I think its something like Php550 per head or more, thats for the buffet na.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's located in Alfonso, Tagaytay-- just a few kms. more from the Splendido-Blue Buck Estate sign.
  • aticusaticus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Is it safe there? I'm worried about kidnappings and hijackings...
  • aticus,
    it's safe naman :)

    i believe they have given you the directions already. :)
    wicca, it's 550 per person :)
  • Originally posted by orano
    My friend and I are planning to go but we're clueless on how to get there! I will appreciate if anybody could provide directions to the place. One more thing - could you make Makati as the starting point? Thanks!

    try going to this site:
    http://www.themestream.com/articles/294958.html (pa cut and paste nalang ng address, di ako marunong pano gawing URL yan eh hehehe! :D)

    it's actually an article about sonia's garden, like what to expect and how much you'd likely spend. at the bottom though, you'll find the directions enclosed in a box.

    hope this helps! :angel:
  • ngeks! mag-isa pala nagiging URL yung address! silly me!hehehe! maybe i should post more often... :D
  • Thanks for the replies, guys! Sana hindi kami maligaw, ehehehe! :D
  • it's supposed to be a secret... :(
  • It's beautiful there, but I find Sonia kinda mataray. Her dogs are cute though.

    In the February 2001 issue of Mabuhay magazine, they featured it there.. with directions pa. And it's 600 bux per head.
  • "Sonya’s Garden s n d town of Alfonso, on d tip of Tagaytay dats practically n d Batulao turnoff already. Once u pass d Splendido Club on ur left, u will see a blue metal arch dat says Buck Estate. Go down a few kms & u will see a sign dat leads u 2 a farm w/ 3 or 4 quaint white cottages. The beauty of Sonya’s Garden s n d garden, w/c has a wide array of colorful flowers—both sprouting frm the ground or floating in little jars all over the place. There are also little nooks in the garden, stylishly swathed in immaculate white muslin, where one cn read, meditate or merely lie back on a little cot or hammock & smell the flowers. Two of the cottages are used for the dining area. The tables r decked out in white linen finery—mismatched bt nevertheless fine dainty china & good crystal. The personalized name card on the table (you must make reservations!), and the flower ornaments also add a formal touch as does the opera or symphony music piped in in the background. I have been going to Sonya’s for well over a year now & I must say, the food has never changed. Not once. While this makes it somewhat unexciting, at least it takes away the hassle of looking at a menu. Also, you always know what to expect, which is a good thing if ur going to be driving this far."
    "The meal starts out w/ a rose petal salad, w/c as the name implies,s a bowl of mixed greens strewn w/ apparently edible red & pink rose petals. On the side r at least 5 or 6 smaller ramekins w/ salad condiments lke crushed egg, pine nuts, chico bits, langka strips, tomatoes, corn kernels, carrots, etc. The best part of the salad is the secret dressing, which is creamy, herby, & tangy all at the same time. It is also 4 sale by the bottle for those who can’t get the waiter to tell them what’s in it.

    The next part of the meal is the hot & crusty brown bread served w/ 4 different types of spread—a sweet hummus; blocks of feta cheese & marinated red peppers; a kind of sundried tomato puree; & a green dip, which looked like spinach. I usually mix & match the cheese & the tomato dip. By this time, anyone w/ a decent appetite should already be getting quite full. But save some space 4 the main course spread: a big bowl of noodles w/ two choices of sauce. The first is a cream, chicken, and mango sauce, which is very filling and quite sweet. It usually isn't as compelling as the other choice but for some reason, this is the taste that I yearn for when I am in Manila and thinking of Sonya’s. The other one is a sundried tomato pesto that can be eaten with any or all of the condiments that come in the separate white ramekins: olives, whole anchovy fillets, shrimps, and shiitake mushrooms to name a few. The possibilities are endless but if you indulge in more than one plateful, your stomach should be about ready to explode.

    Dessert is a simple affair—some caramelized bananas or camote strips or some type of local dessert. At this point, I usually can only manage a bite with the heavenly tarragon tea. The meal varies in price depending on how many you are but I think it ranges from P450-P600 per person—it's definitely worth the satisfaction you get from a gastronomic, aesthetic, and even mystic point of view by just being in Sonya’s Garden
    I cut and pasted this from somewhere. We went there on Jan 1st, were quite disappointed with it though. All the rave reviews and praises hyped up our expectations so if you're expecting other than an ordinary restaurant, ur bound to be as disappointed as we were. However, if ur a vegetarian, u would surely enjoy the food there because they dont serve any meat (basically salad,pasta & bread). So I am not quite sure abt the chicken in the sauce that the writer of the above review said. The tomato sauce looks like meat sauce bt when actually eaten, it aint at all. The Garden is nothing special esp. when you have been to the Gardens/PArks abroad. The reservation number is 09175335140. They gave us this number when we tried to call 09175329097. Good luck and enjoy! (hopefully.... hehe)

  • any updates on this resto? still open? raves? reviews?
  • what type of food are they offering, kung hinahanap mukang masarap a ;) and mura pa
  • rachelt12rachelt12 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    went there with my balikbayan aunt months ago.....and all i can say is that it's NOT worth the trip! grabe. lousy P600 per person (8 of us in all) for salad-pasta-and carameled banana (turon). nothing tasted special (i'd rather eat somewhere else) ...

    the reviews were probably high because of their uniqueness apart from other restos in manila.

    and yeah, sonya was unfriendly.

    personally, veges from baguio tasted much better.
  • whytewhyte PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    2500 yata ang overnight
  • stitchesnburnsstitchesnburns PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    if i tell you... di na sya secret right? hehe joke.
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