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ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk124:HIGHER&HIGHER bringing supreme Quality shows to d philTV

_kiba__kiba_ Double Up! PExer
MA-fireworks1_6-19-06.gif List of ABS-CBN Kapamilya Thread - Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon MA-fireworks1_6-19-06.gif

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2003-2004-2005[/highlight]

Speak Up! Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExers Unite! - 175,427 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! III - 5,415 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! IV - 5,252 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part V - 5,103 posts

Speak Up Now! ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part VI - 5,038 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part VII - 5,227 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part VIII ( Part 8 ) - 5,087 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part IX ( Part 9 ) - 5,082 posts

Speak Up! Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite! Part X (10) - 5,246 posts

Speak up Global ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXers Unite Part XI (Part 11) - 5,040 posts

Global Kapamilya Voice: United (ABSCBN Kapamilya Thread Part XII) - 5,021 posts

GlobaL KAPAMILYA PexErs: FuLL fOrCE @ 13th thReAd - 5,066 posts

The 14th Avenue: Global Kapamilya PExers, WELCOME! - 5,022 posts

Speak Up: Nakatikim Na Sila - Kapamilya 15th Thread [merged] - 5,056 posts

Kapamilya 16th Thread: Mula sa una mong minahal at patuloy na mamahalin... - 5,033 posts

Speak Up GAME NA BA KAYO? ABS CBN KAPAMILYA PEXers Part 17 Thread - 5,034 posts

Speak Up! Bawat Pilipino Kapamilya! The ABS-CBN 18th Thread - 5,015 posts

Speak Up Kapamilya 19th Thread:ABS-CBN "Kapamilya ng Bawat Pinoy at Pusong Pinoy" - 5,024 posts

Speak Up Kapamilya 20th thread : Katibok ng bawat Puso, Kapamilya, Saan Man sa Mundo! - 5,028 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 21: Saanman Sa Mundo, Tunay na "Pinoy TV" ng Bawat Pilipino - 5,033 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 22: Great Shows! Great Values! Saan ka man sa Mundo! - 5,009 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 23: Exceedingly clever,sets the hook-of-all-hooks worldwide - 5,046 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk 24: Setting the Greatest Innovations in Philippine TV! - 5,035 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk Turns Silver: Sparkling and Stunning! <Thread 25> - 5,026 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTALK 26: Bringing the PHENOMENAL SHOWS in Philippine TV! - 5,013 posts


ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk [28] - Epitome of Filipino Brilliance and Values - 5,019 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXTALK [29]: Ang Nangungunang THREAD sa PEX WORLD - 5,025 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 30: Ang pumasok dito, CUTE! - 5,027 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 31: Ang Sarap ng Samahang Hinubog ng Panahon - 5,020 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Christmas Thread 32 - [The Merry FAMILY Gatherings] - 5,010 posts[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2006[/highlight]

abs-cbn kapamilya Thread 33 - pamilyang sama-sama ngayong 2006 - 5,019 posts

Abs-cbn Thread 34: Iba Tayo! Kabarkada Mo! Kapuso Na, Kapamilya Pa!!!! - 5,023 posts

AbS-CbN Official Thread 35: Magkasama sa LUNGKOT at SAYA!!! Bangon KAPAMILYA!!! - 5,055 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk 36: Summerrrrrific Thread! Have Fun Under the Sun! - 5, 020 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 37: CHILL! Iba ang Galing, Iba ang Dating! Saan Ka Pa?! - 5,016 posts

ABS CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 38: Hotter Than Summer's Heat!! Still CHILLING!!!! - 5,026 posts

ABSCBN Kapamilya Pextalk 39:KAPAMILYA! Summer Na! Sama Ka! Dito Ka Na Sa Mas Masaya! - 5,013 posts

Kapamilya PExtalk 40: Sa Nagmamahalang Magka-Kapamilya,WONDERFUL ang LIFE dis SUMMER! - 5,019 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk41: Tara na sa Kapamilya Summer Grand Eyeball, Sama Ka!?...LET'S GO!! - 5,036 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk42: Kabataang Pinoy, Maging Sino Ka Man. Let's GO! Sabay Tayo! - 5,007 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk43: This Thread doesn't get any better than this. - 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN PextalkBida44:Ang Numero Uno sa Buong Bansa at sa Buong Mundo[Premium Thread] - 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk45: Naabot na ng Kapamilya ang Tugatog ng Daigdig at Tagumpay! - 5,014 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk46: Iba ang SAYA, Iba ang LIGAYA sa PUSO ng Bawat KAPAMILYA! - 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN PEXtalk47: All About FUN, All About LOVE, Not Just About MAGIC! Aha! Aha! - 5,017 posts

ABS-CBN PEXtalk48: Ating Alamin! - 5,005 posts

ABSCBN PEXtalk49: Angat sa PUSO ng Bawat Pilipino, Magpakailanman! Oh, Ano ha? - 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk Golden Thread of PEX Champions and PEX Idols- Part 50 - - 5,003 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 51: TruE FRIENDS.ReaL PEOPLE.GenuinE KAPAMILYAS! Beware of FakE ONES! - 5,008 posts

ABS-CBN PexTalk52: Angat sa Puso't Diwa ng Bawat Pilipino, Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon! - 5,013 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk53: Angat ang BANDILA ng Pinoy, Saan Man sa Mundo! - 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 54: MAGING SINO KA MAN, naging SAKSI ka sa pagmamahal ng KAPAMILYA! - 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 55: Wherever you are...still the best and number 1 Phil TV Station! - 5,021 posts

ABSCBN Pextalk56: TAMA at SAKTO. Walang Dagdag sa Ratings at Thread Number. Tagos ba? - 5,010 posts

ABSCBN PexTalk57: KAPAMILYA, Saan Man sa Mundo... Ito ang Tahanan Mo!!! - 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk58: Ang DRAMA sa Likod ng PANGARAP! Blentungan Na! - 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk59: People are getting crazy because ABS-CBN is still # 1 - 5,006 posts

ABSCBN Kapamilya PEXTalk60: MAGING SINO KA MAN, Kapamilya Ka! - 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk61: ALL-TIME BIGTIME sa SAYA. BIDA sa PUSO ng Bawat Pamilya! - 5,015 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk62: Nangunguna, Walang Duda! Ang Kokontra, Giba!!! - 5,012 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk63: BIDA sa SAYA. BIG-TIME sa PAKWELA. ANGAT sa DRAMA! - 5,011 posts


ABS-CBN PExtalk66: ALL-TIME BIGTIME sa Noontime. BIDANG-BIDA sa Primetime! - 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk67: Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko sa Puso ng Bawat Kapamilya! - 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN PExtalk67: Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko sa Puso ng Bawat Kapamilya! - 5,057 posts

ABS-CBN Pextalk 68: BULAGA! Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko ng iyong Kapamilya! - 5,042 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk69:Walang Kasing-Sayang Pasko sa Kapamilyang "NO DEAL" sa Prinsipyo! - 5,153 posts

KaPaMiLyA pExTaLk70: NgAyOnG pAsKo, MaGbUbUhAy "RoYaLtY" kA! yOuR hIgHnEsS... - 5,089 posts

KaPaMiLyA pExTaLk71: Ang Pinaka MAsayang Pasko ay nandito sa ABS-CBN!! - 5,018 posts

Kapamilya PEXTalk 72 - Angat na Angat, Tuloy na Tuloy ang Pasko! - 5,038 posts[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2007[/highlight]

KaPaMiLyApExTaLk73:dahil NUMBER 1 tayo NATIONWIDE,patuloy tayong aarangkada sa 2007!! - 5,052 posts

KaPaMiLyApExTaLk74: 2007 - ABS-CBN still the #1 and the only 1, Best Station! - 5,109 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk75:Always There & Always Will Be AT THE BEGINNING With YOU! - 5,028 posts

KAPAMILYA PEXTALK76: Can't Stop This Thing We've Started!!! Woooohoooo!!!!! - 5,027 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk77: Hot na Hot na Summer! Hot na Hot na Kapamilya!-Hubad na! - 5,123 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk78: Ang Bahay ng Pambansang Kuya - Si Pinoy Big Brother! - 5,016 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXTalk79: Choose Happiness, Choose Wellness, Choose ABS-CBN!!! - 5,006 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk # 80: Sa Inyo Ang Mega, Sa Amin Ang Pilipinas!!! - 5,004 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk # 81: One Nation, One Station, One Family!!! - 5,020 posts

Kapamilya Usapang PEX 82: Isang Bansa, Isang Istasyon, Isang Pamilya....! - 5,016 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk83: Magkasama sa Pagsalubong ng Isang Umagang Kayganda!? - 5,021 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 84: Sa Bawat Salita, Pinag-iisa Ang Kapamilyang Pilipino! - 5,008 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk85: Humanda na sa Pagbabago, dahil mas MASAYA ka DITO! - 5.002 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk86: The ANGEL is Finally Home Where She Truly Belongs! - 5,011 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk87: Isang Karangalan sa Ngalan ng Nag-iisa nating BANDILA!- 5,013 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk88: Sa Bawat Hamon ng Buhay, KAPAMILYA ang Laging Kaagapay!- 5,031 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk89: Okey ipambida ang Walastik na saya!- 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk 90: One "Nation", One "Preferred Station", One "Kapamilya"! - 5,008 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk91: Isang PAMILYA, Isang PUSO sa DIWA ng PASKO! - 5,015 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk92: Walang mag-iisa ngayong Pasko basta KAPAMILYA ang kasama - 5,005 posts

abs-cbn Kapamilya PextTalk 93: Sama-sama Tayong Lahat sa Pasko sa ABS-CBN - 5,005 posts[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2008[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 94: 55 Na! Patuloy pa rin sa Paglilingkod at Pagtatagumpay - 5.015 posts by: gulf_dude

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PexTalk 95: TEAM KAPAMILYA, SAMA SAMA SA 55 YEARS NA SAYA! SIKAT! - 5,006 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXTALK 96:One Nation,One Station,1 Love This Season of Hearts! - 5,005 posts

ABS-CBN Team Kapamilya PExTalk 97: Jump High & Celebrate, Congratulations Batch 2008! - 5,055 posts by: gulf_dude


ABS-CBN Kapamilya PexTalk 99: The Gateway to a New ERA of Usapang Kapamilya!- 5,010 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PexTalk 100: Another Milestone - Team Kapamilya Hits Century Mark!- 5,001 posts by: colorblind84

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk101: The Home of World-Class Excellence! by rasHiko_dHeNz

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk102: Iba't-Iba man ang GALAW, Iisa kung HUMATAW! by rasHiko_dHeNz

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PEXtalk103:the most ADMIRED and INNOVATIVE kapamilya reunites AGAIN by: 100%wagi

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExtalk104: BER is to Dream Big, Be Bettyful, and Celebrates 55 by: gulf_dude

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk105: D'Great Comeback of One TEAM! One WORLD! One KAPAMILYA! by: Meecah_05

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 106:Para Sa Katotohanan at Serbisyong Bayan, WALANG IWANAN! by: machaka

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 107:Merry ang X'MAS sa BAGONG TAON na may BAGONG SIMULA by: kcinmor[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]

[highlight]Kapamilya Thread Line-up 2009[/highlight]

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 108: A Fresh Start & New Beginning, All The BEST Beyond TV by: gulf_dude

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA Pextalk 109: Luzon,Visayas & Mindanao,TY So Much For Making Us #1! by: itspaybacktime

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PExtalk 110: Galaw-galaw sa Tag-araw, Welcome back Pacquiao! by: Kathy Punan

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PExtalk 111: Galaw-Galaw sa Tag-araw, Hataw parin Araw-araw! by: Kathy Punan


ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXtalk 113: Huling Hirit ngayong Tag-init! by: _kiba_ / JoeyThe_Leon 5,644 posts

ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA PEXtalk 114: UULAN ng saya mula sa PINAKAMASARAP panoorin! SUKOB na! by: kurt_01 5,374 posts


ABS-CBN KAPAMILYA Pextalk 116:ABS-CBN pa rin ang MAS pinapanood sa BUONG BANSA!wohoo! by: _kiba_ 5,025 posts

Kapamilya Pextalk 117 : ABS-CBN ang tunay na NO. 1 : Walang daya, walang duda! by: angelafrica18 5,020 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 118:ABS-CBN ang PAMBANSANG ISTASYON ng PILIPINAS!MABUHAY!!! by: _kiba_ 5,253 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya Pextalk 119: Bringing top quality, Living supremacy, Going beyond TV by: _kiba_ 5,002posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 120: Pioneer in Broadcasting, Leads the Future of Phil.TV by: gulf_cute 5,152 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PeXtalk 121: Sa Tahanan Kung Saan Una ang Damdaming Pinoy! by: kurt_01 5,057 posts

ABS-CBN Kapamilya PExTalk 123: We Have the Best & Quality, What More Can U Ask For? by: itspaybacktime


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