Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu

Has anyone seen this manga? I think it's fairly new with chapter 2 as the latest in mangafox. It's a spin-off story from Haruhu Suzumiya series with Nagato as the main character.

You can find it here:


  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    actually it's the "moe megane yuki"...
    If you've read the novel of "Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi"
    you'll understand this spin off scenario better

    In Disappearance...
    Kyon finds himself in an "alternate world" where Haruhi and Koizumi is missing, Mikuru doesn't know who he is, tsuruya kicked his *****, and Yuki became a totally she bookworm who fell for kyon after Kyon helped him get a library card (which to kyon's memory was during the first time the sos-dan went out to look for weird stuff)

    the spin off is.. what if the scenario of Disappearance was the real one instead of the one we know...
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    It's the same *****, just presented differently. They can do spin-offs for every character just to milk the show.
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    Next thing you'll know, we'll have the anime version of this, much like "Haruhi-chan" and "Nyoro~n Churuya-san"!

    But wait, where's Mikuru's spin-off series? Think of all the breasts, err... possibilities...with that one...past, present, and future! hehe :naughty:
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    Oh sh-

    Don't give KyoAni the idea.
  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    do you want to be poor all your life? :lol:
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer

    And what's THAT supposed to mean? :rolleyes:

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