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What will you do if you won a brand new JAGUAR?

Yup, that's the question...My friend just recently won the Rustans raffle. He won a brand new JAGUAR. The kind that you've seen in PAY IT FORWARD?He's that lucky. And to think that he already owns a RANGE ROVER.Given that kind of luck, will you use the car?Sell it then buy something else?What would it be?Me?I still can't get over it I can't think of what to do if I won it myself!


  • ZenZen PExer
    Whoa, my brother's friend also won one, and he has a lot of pretty nice cars already. Coincidence or same person? ;) My brother said he'd buy it; I think I'd rather keep it. :D
  • Your brother's friend?Hmmmm....I bet your brother's friend also drives a BMW...is your brother's friend from La Salle High School?Small world...
  • ZenZen PExer
    Ay ang galing, same person nga. :D
  • Swerte niya no? Sana swertehin din ako...
  • i'll wither and die on the spot...:lol:
  • I would do the most practical thing: sell the Jaguar and invest the money I got from the sale.
  • Kakainggit naman yung friend mo! :lol: I wish I were that blessed.

    I agree with Pwe Pwe Pwe [neat nick!]. I'd try to sell it and invest in some business, but take some cash to buy a decent car.

    Or if I were really rich (anyway), I'd swap the Jag for a brand new 2000 Volkswagen Beetle! :D
  • I'd buy myself a brand new 4x4 pick-up and invest the rest of the 3 million in some business venture. :)
  • ZenZen PExer
    Ugh, I just saw the booboo I made. :o
    Originally posted by Zen
    My brother said he'd buy it; I think I'd rather keep it. :D
    What I meant was My brother said he'd SELL it![/b] :p
  • Thanks Mister Dean! :)

    Yep, I'll prolly do the same thing as you guys; invest it in business ventures and the like, but of course I'll buy myself a decent enough car. Not a 4x4 though, just a sedan. :)
  • Whatever suits you man!I've always wanted a 4x4. Not that I've never dreamt of owning a Jaguar.Just need to get practical.Imagine....5 million pesos...;)
  • business is always good! with that amount of money you could have a strong foundation for a small scale business and in time you can indulge yourself. given that you continue to be prudent.

    if it were me? i wouldn't mind cruizin' around for a day showing it off though :D:lol:. but if i'm set on selling it to it's full value maybe i'd settle for giving it a wax and pretend the drive at our garage! :lol:

    and with his luck he'd probably rub most of it on his business venture!

    extend our heartfelt congratulations!
  • :nerd: sell it and buy a honda... and other things.
  • :eek:

    damn, am i that lucky???? :D hehehe...if ever, i'll give it to my dad, that's his dream car eh...ever! :D then, i'll just let him do whatever he wants to with the car, sell it or keep it, it's up to him :D


    JAGUAR? woah!!!! :eek:

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