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No Height Limit For Imports Must Be Permanent Pba Rule!

Against the best of Asia, team Pilipinas proved that they cant play against Big Centers. Our guards are scared of the big 6'10-7 feet guys. In Taiwan we were hapless against the Lebanese team. In Tianjin, against Iran and Jordan. Even against our asian counterparts. We havent even faced China Yet.

Our "bigs" are so unrefined because of the quality of the big oppositions in the PBA. We are so used playing against quick imports or against these giants 6'5 imports, that we havent gotten used to playing against 7 footers.

The PBA wants to project itself as an exciting league, by allowing quicker, but slower imports to dominate the reinforce conference that it has forgotten our neighbors have been playing against dominating 6'10-7 feet imports. Their centers/Power forwards have gotten used to big-man moves that they have improved leaps and bounds.

The solution for an improved team and for improved big men is playing them against imports which are atleast 6'10. Ofcourse there is no substitute for the experience of tough international play against the real talented bigs.


  • shox920shox920 Slightly Green Minded ✭✭
    dapat talaga no height limit sa import... Sa FIBA pa lang, obvious na obvious na hirap ang team pilipinas
  • PorkChop :o)PorkChop :o) Member ✭✭✭
    bugok si barrios ayaw nya ng ganyan
  • synopticssynoptics Banned by Admin PExer
    i think it's not only the height of the players but also the familiarity on how to play against a zone. fiba rules must be used.

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  • thescenethescene Member PExer
    I think that's a good idea. The only thing is quality imports especially the tall ones ask for high wages which I'm not sure teams can pay.
  • shadow jedishadow jedi Member PExer
    Mas konti ang mga 7 footers at syempre by law of supply and demand e madalas mas mataas din ang bayad sa mga ito. Plus syempre kalaban pati natin ang iba pang international leagues sa pagkuha sa kanila.

    Lumalabas nito e yung mayaman na teams lang ang makakakuha ng quality import. Hindi tulad ng mga 6'5" and below na imports na sobrang dami.

    Pero ganun pa man maganda nga na ma-expose tayo sa mga 7-footers para masanay tayo pagdating sa international meets. Ang mahirap lang talaga e yung supply at yung mataas na sahod.
  • kritikonijuankritikonijuan Member PExer
    Hahahahaha, Maghanap ng 8 Footer para makalamang tayo sa mga height ng Iranians. anyway, I hope we have 7 footers in our lineup, not just 1 but at least 3.

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