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Why isn’t parapsychology
in the school curriculum?
Jaime Licauco

THERE’S something I’ve observed among our secondary and collegiate students. Over the past 10 years, there has been a tremendous growth in their interest in the research and study of paranormal subjects.

I’ve been requested by so many students in almost every private school and a few public ones for interviews on topics like near-death experience, astral projection, ESP, psychokinesis, the third eye, ghosts, automatic writing, UFOs, telepathy, fortune-telling, reincarnation, karma, soul mates, stigmata, clairvoyance and many others.

Teachers are not content that students just write a paper on these topics.

They even require students to tape an interview with me, sometimes including a video presentation in class as well.

Since the requests have lately become too numerous, it has not been possible for me to attend to all of them.

Just to give you an idea of how popular these topics are among our students, during the recent "Alternative Education Program" held at De La Salle University on Taft Avenue, over 90 percent of the subjects and resource persons chosen by the students were involved in paranormal or esoteric subjects. The same was true of choices made by Ateneo University students last year. The great majority of the topics chosen by them involved the paranormal, supernatural or psychic.

I was just wondering, with all this interest demonstrated by our students on these subjects, why isn’t there a single school in this country that offers parapsychology as part of the academic curriculum? Parapsychology is the academic discipline or science that studies phenomena that lie outside the scope of orthodox or traditional science. No school offers it in this country.

As far as I know, the only time parapsychology was included in any academic setting was when I taught it for one semester at De La Salle University in 1982. It was an elective under the Behavioral Sciences Department of the university. Over 60 students enrolled in that pioneering class when only a maximum of 40 was allowed by the school at the time.

Even some faculty members expressed a strong desire to sit in but were prevented by the Dean.

In other local schools, paranormal topics are discussed superficially under various academic disciplines such as psychology or sociology or anthropology, often in a negative or disparaging manner.

In a Catholic university where one of my sons studied, the professor of psychology told the class that claims about the existence of so-called ESP powers like telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis were not true. When I asked my son to have the teacher invite me to his class, he panicked and said I’d better not go there. I can back up my statements about paranormal phenomena with scientific documentation gathered after 25 years of research on this subject worldwide.

In North America, Western Europe, especially in Russia, parapsychology (or psychotronics research, as it is called in Eastern Europe) is part of some universities’ curriculum. Research in this field in Russia is even funded by the government and done by very serious scientists.

I do not know whether there will be a time in our country when parapsychological or paranormal subjects will be included in the school curriculum. As things stand now, despite the appointment of a progressive secretary of education in the person of former Senator Raul S. Roco, this seems unlikely to happen in the near future.

Meantime, other countries are moving way ahead of us in the study of this field. This is really a pity because I, along with some Western researchers, have observed that the Philippines is a virtual laboratory of many exciting and extraordinary paranormal happenings. But these are never taken seriously by conservative scientists and academics, except a few daring ones.

---PDI, 3/20



  • psych major here:


    in fact, why not add a lot more psycg classes/electives on the undergraduate levels???

    introductory counseling?
    adolescent psychology?
    psychology of gender?

    stuff like that. puro na lang graduate school eh.
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