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Two days after eating Pizza Hut's "fruit salad" and I still feel like *****! GRAPHIC!

So sometime 11PM Monday we ordered this Super Supreme promo package from Pizza Hut Banawe. It came with a family size pan pizza, a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi®, spaghetti with meatballs, pretzels, and "fruit salad".

The fruit salad suspiciously looked like generic fruit cocktail.

Everything seemed fine for me up until the Tuesday morning while I was waiting for a cab, I had to rush back home to make an emergency royal decree.

Then everything went downhill from there. I would have these severe gastric spasms. But still off to inspect on some business matters I go.

The whole time I felt like I want to barf, belch, and pass gas at the same time. Seriously, there was so much gas building up in me I think I could fuel the next NASA space mission.

I tried eating a light breakfast and then an even lighter lunch. But apparently I didn't seem to be digesting anything. So I barf at about 2 PM. And there I saw bits and pieces of my lunch and breakfast. I felt better for a while and managed to get a belch or two out.

Then it started building up again.

Come 4 o' clock, I was feeling like no other crap I've felt before. So here I thought it was time for another purge. To the loo I go and jettisoned my load. Out comes fruit cocktail chunks of pineapple and what not.

By the evening I was running a fever whilst rushing in and out of the loo to belch, pass gas, and secrete liquids from orifices designed for solid waste disposal.

My dinner's fate was no different from breakfast.

Up until now I can't seem to digest anything right and the spasms still go on and on.

So I get back home only this afternoon. And I told my mom and my brother about my ordeal. My brother said he underwent a similar experience, and suspects it was the "Fruit Salad®".

There must be something wrong with my sense of smell since he noticed that there was something funny about the syrup and I did not.

No one else had that problem apart from me and my bro. And consuming the Pizza Hut "Fruit Salad®" is the only thing that differentiates us from everyone else here.

I guess I was hardest hit because I downed 2 cups of those gastronomical disasters.

I just called up Pizza Hut's customer service. The lady there was nice enough to ask me how I felt. My response was summarily "Frankly, I feel like *****". At least it hasn't dampened my sense of humor.

But boy, if I wasn't feeling so damn bad, I would drive down there and give them a piece of my mind.

I'm sure this was some bizzare chance encounter. But damn it, I think they left some of their stuff a little bit too long under the sun.


  • My guess is you're suffering from mild amoebiasis <sp>. Had the same symptoms two months ago when I ate some pasta at Sugarhouse Megamall. It lasted for about a week. Hellish, I tell you. The doctor said the food was dirty. As in *****-dirty.

    I suggest you get some medicine if you want it gone right away. Otherwise, you can just wait until everything is flushed out from your system.

    Thanks for the fruit salad warning. Hope Pizza Hut would take action.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    TNT, It's acute gastroenteritis, either from the pasta or the cream that's been left lying around too long, or from reheated meat, usually caused by the organisms Staphylococcus, Bacillus cereus, some strains of E. coli, or Clostridium perfringens. Amebiasis has a 3-week incubation period from ingestion to symptoms, and bloody diarrhea is a prominent symptom. Chalk it up to experience and just avoid fastfood chains serving creamy desserts na lang, or be sure that the ingredients they're using are fresh and handled sanitarily (not that they'd tell you otherwise, I know). Hehehe. :D
  • Well the fruit salad didn't even have cream.

    It was just practically run off the can fruit cocktail (as admitted by Pizza Hut).

    Well we all had pizza, my mom had spaghetti, my bro too, and had some myself. But it only downed me and my bro since we were the only ones who actually gulped down the "Fruit Salad".

    I've recovered since then and everything seems normal now.

    And I still have that manager's number in case I need to make a special order. Forget the salad maestro.

    But in case this happens again, I'm driving down to pizza hut and pass gas all day.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Originally posted by TNT2bluz
    But in case this happens again, I'm driving down to pizza hut and pass gas all day.

    Great. Then the paying customers can play a game called "guess what TNT had for lunch".
  • i had the same meal a couple of days ago...oks naman ah... nothing happened to me...pero thanks na rin for the warning!
  • Originally posted by Ira
    Great. Then the paying customers can play a game called "guess what TNT had for lunch".

    Pepperoni like never before. :D
  • TNT, parang ayoko na tuloy kumain sa Pizza Hut.....
  • Originally posted by trish1201
    TNT, parang ayoko na tuloy kumain sa Pizza Hut.....

    Nah, we shouldn't be too harsh. It happens to ALL restos some time or another. Oh, and most of time during hot April fiestas when food is left out too long in the heat (yum, yum) :silly: Just be wary of cream-based desserts and sauces during hot days and you'll be fine.

    Me thinks tnt's fruit salad was out of the fridge a tad too long or else they stored it a tad too close to the pizza oven... :D
  • I just like to say that even if I didn't experience the discomforts TNT2bluz did, Pizza Hut Fruit Salad is just the worst fruit salad I ever tasted! It's just so terrible!
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